Authentic Traceable

At New Zealand Honey Co. we have an integral focus to consistently provide our high quality, genuine and traceable product to the highest standard. This is why we invest in obtaining UMF Quality Trademark ratings and Oritain Trustmark certifications to assure our customers of the authenticity and origin our our premier product.


UMF Registered Quality Trustmark


What is UMF?

UMF stands for Unique Mānuka Factor.  The UMF grading system appraises signature markers found in Mānuka honey to assess active enzymes, quality and authenticity.


How does the UMF grade work?

The Mānuka flower produces nectar with characteristic and unique signature compounds. The three key markers that need to be identified in order for a Mānuka honey to receive a UMF grading are Leptosperin, DHA and Methylglyoxal (MG). The higher the concentration of these key markers the higher the grade. 


How do I know what I am purchasing is authentic?

Until recently consumers had no way of knowing the level of quality or authenticity of the Mānuka honey they were buying. Depending on the season and source, honeys can vary in grade and strength, so it has been important to establish a trusted quality standard. The UMF Honey Association has achieved this by introducing the UMF quality trademark and rating system.

The official UMF logo helps consumers identify genuine UMF Mānuka Honey. 

Only the UMF® testing process measures all three signature compounds that together indicate high quality, authentic Mānuka honey - while other systems measure only one or two. This process gives you a much more comprehensive and assured view of what's in your honey. Look for the UMF logo on your product and visit the UMFHA website to see a list of members.


How to Buy Mānuka Honey

Look for the trusted UMF rating on your Mānuka honey, all New Zealand Honey Co Mānuka is genuine and you can check on any of our jars the origin of your honey at any time. Simply go to the Oritain website and enter the unique code, each batch is independently tested and recorded to guarantee, NZ origin. To view and buy our UMF Rated Mānuka Honey, click here


The Oritain Trustmark Certification

The Oritain Trustmark provides consumers, businesses, and retailers with the reassurance that the brand they have chosen has adopted the Oritain system. The Trustmark represents that the product can be scientifically verified as being from its claimed origin.

Brands which use the Trustmark have undergone independent, scientific sampling and analysis by Oritain. Each brand that uses the Trustmark will have carried out the following process;

1. Oritain will have collected genuine samples of the product for analysis.

2. Following the analysis, Oritain will create a profile of the genuine product which represents its ‘origin fingerprint’.

3. Oritain can then conduct testing against this ‘origin fingerprint’ to scientifically verify if the product is consistent with its claimed origin.

For product testing, samples of the product will be taken from the supply chain or in market. In each audit situation the product will be verified against its claimed origin. If the claimed origin of the sample product is not available, verification may not be possible.