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New Zealand Honey Company

Beech Forest Honeydew

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New Zealand Honey Co. Wild Beech Forest Honeydew Honey comes from the untouched, native, ancient beech forest that stretches along the base of the Southern Alps in the South Island of New Zealand. There is no other activity here other than beekeeping, resulting in a honey as pure and natural as you will ever find. Aphids that live on the beech trees eat the sap and from it they produce a sugar-like substance that they leave in drops on the bark of the tree - these drops sparkle in the sunlight, hence the name honeydew. The bees love this honeydew, collect it and produce a fantastic end product. This is what makes Wild Beech Forest Honeydew uniquely different from other honeys that are made from the nectar of flowers.


Our Wild Beech Forest Honeydew Honey is a fine, silky smooth honey with a deep gold-chestnut red colour. It has a clean and refreshing flavour that’s not too sweet, with hints of vanilla and malt. The Wild Beech Forest Honeydew has a spicy orange peel aroma and has a consistency similar to that of treacle.


Wild Beech Forest Honeydew is a natural prebiotic, meaning it promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria that live in your gut. It actually has one of the highest prebiotic ratings of any honey in the world and is the ideal support to maintain your own unique and healthy beneficial digestive bacteria.


Our Wild Beech Forest Honeydew is wonderfully versatile. It is delicious as a spread with nutty breads, and works well with fresh cheeses such as ricotta or mascarpone, as well as harder cheeses such as a mature cheddar.  The flavour profile works beautifully with poultry or seafood, and goes well in Moroccan style dishes. It is also equally delicious drizzled over fresh figs, cakes or pancakes and waffles.


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