Super Easy Manuka Honey Smoothie Recipes


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Essential Takeaways

Adding manuka honey to your smoothie is a great way to add sweetness and a wellness punch to boot.

Manuka honey has antibacterial properties which help to heal and maintain your body from the inside out.

Find smoothie recipes here as well as other ingredients to mix and match for your perfect honey smoothie.

Smoothies have always been a popular choice for a refreshing beverage or a nutritious snack.

But when you add manuka honey to the mix, you're taking it to a whole new level.

This sought-after honey hailing from New Zealand has built a reputation for its delicious taste and exceptional health benefits, making it an ideal addition to your favourite smoothie recipes.

When it comes to crafting your manuka honey smoothie, the possibilities are endless.

So in this blog, we provide a few example recipes and additional suggestions for flavours you can try out at home.

In this manuka honey smoothie blog, you’ll find:

  • 3 sumptuous manuka honey smoothies to try

  • Nutritional information for honey smoothies

  • Other flavours to try in your smoothie

  • Whatever you do, make sure it’s New Zealand Honey Co.

3 Sumptuous Manuka Honey Smoothie Recipes

In this section, we provide you with three delightful and easy-to-make smoothie recipes featuring manuka honey.

Enjoy these refreshing drinks while reaping the benefits of this special honey.

Manuka honey with banana, cinnamon, and yoghurt

This basic smoothie recipe provides a rich, creamy texture while showcasing the unique flavour of manuka honey.

You’ll need:


  1. Slice the banana and add it to your blender.

  2. Pour in the milk of your choice.

  3. Add the manuka honey, Greek yoghurt, and ground cinnamon.

  4. Toss in a handful of ice cubes.

  5. Blend until smooth and creamy.

Serve immediately, and enjoy the delightful taste of manuka honey in this simple smoothie.

Manuka honey with mixed berries

This refreshing berry smoothie with honey is perfect for those hot summer days or as an invigorating snack.

You’ll need:

  • 180g mixed frozen berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries)

  • 240ml apple juice

  • 2 tbsp New Zealand Honey Co. manuka honey

  • 1 tbsp lemon juice

  • A handful of ice cubes


  1. Add the frozen berries to your blender.

  2. Pour in the apple juice.

  3. Add the manuka honey and lemon juice.

  4. Toss in a handful of ice cubes.

  5. Blend until smooth and icy.

Serve immediately and relish in the cool and fruity flavour of this berry and manuka honey smoothie.

Manuka honey with avocado and cucumber

This green smoothie is packed with nutritious ingredients and has a unique, subtle sweetness from the manuka honey.

You’ll need:

  • 1 small avocado

  • 1/2 cucumber

  • 60g baby spinach leaves

  • 240ml coconut water

  • 1 tbsp lemon juice

  • 2 tbsp manuka honey

  • A handful of ice cubes


  1. Scoop out the flesh of the avocado and add it to your blender.

  2. Slice the cucumber and add it as well.

  3. Add the baby spinach leaves.

  4. Pour in the coconut water.

  5. Add the lemon juice and manuka honey.

  6. Toss in a handful of ice cubes.

  7. Blend until smooth and vibrant green.

Serve this nutritious, green smoothie immediately, and savour the refreshing taste while enjoying its health benefits.


Nutritional Information

Manuka honey smoothies are not only delicious but also packed with essential nutrients to fuel your body and keep you healthy.

In this section, we'll explore the nutritional content of a typical honey smoothie, focusing on the calorie breakdown as well as the vitamins and minerals it provides.

Calorie breakdown

A smoothie with manuka honey contains a blend of nutritious ingredients, each contributing to its total calorie count.

Here's a rough breakdown of the calories in a typical manuka honey smoothie.

These calories are an estimate - each batch of honey may differ.


Calories (kcal)

Manuka honey (1 tbsp)


Milk (250ml)


Banana (1 medium)


Greek yoghurt (100g)


Almonds (10g)


This table adds up to 398 kcal for a manuka honey smoothie, which can change depending on whether you prefer a larger or smaller portion and the choice of ingredients you opt for.

Vitamins and minerals

The ingredients in a smoothie with honey not only provide energy but are also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

They offer you a nutritious boost to help you stay healthy and balanced.

Here are some of the key vitamins and minerals you can expect to find in your smoothie:

  • Potassium: A vital mineral found in bananas, potassium helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure and supports proper muscle function.

  • Calcium: Yogurt and milk are both rich sources of calcium, which is essential in maintaining the health of your bones and teeth.

  • Vitamin C: Manuka honey itself contains small amounts of vitamin C, and pairing it with fruits such as berries will provide you with even more. Vitamin C is crucial for maintaining a healthy immune system and radiant skin.

  • Vitamin D: The presence of vitamin D in milk contributes to the absorption of calcium in your body and supports bone health.

  • Magnesium: Almonds are an excellent source of magnesium, which aids in muscle relaxation, nerve function, and bone health.

Besides these, you will also get other essential nutrients such as vitamin A, B vitamins, and various minerals depending on the ingredients you choose to include in your manuka honey smoothie.

Remember that using high-quality ingredients and manuka honey with a certified UMF™ rating will help ensure you receive the maximum benefits from each sip.

Other Flavours to Try In Your Smoothies

When it comes to creating the perfect honey smoothie, finding the right complementing flavours is crucial.

Here's a guide to help you pair various ingredients with your manuka honey to create delightful smoothies.

Let's start with fruits.

Fruits for your smoothie

Manuka honey's unique taste blends exceptionally well with a wide range of fruits. Some of the top choices include:

  • Apples

  • Pears

  • Bananas

  • Berries (e.g., blueberries, raspberries, strawberries)

  • Mangoes

  • Passion fruit

Feel free to mix and match your favourite fruits, keeping in mind that balancing sweetness and acidity will result in a more harmonious taste.

Dairy and dairy alternatives for your smoothie

Moving on to yoghurts and dairy alternatives, these additions provide a creamy base that balances manuka honey's strong flavour.

Consider using:

  • Greek or natural yoghurt

  • Almond milk

  • Coconut milk

  • Oat milk

  • Soy milk

Tip: For an extra creamy smoothie, add a scoop of your favourite vanilla ice cream or dairy-free alternative.

Nuts and seeds for your smoothie

Enhance the overall taste and texture of your smoothie by adding some nuts and seeds. They not only boost the crunch factor but also provide a dose of healthy fats and proteins.

Some popular options are:

  • Almonds

  • Walnuts

  • Chia seeds

  • Flaxseeds

  • Sunflower seeds

Spices for your smoothie

Finally, for a touch of spice and extra flavour, consider these additions:

  • Cinnamon

  • Ginger

  • Vanilla extract

  • Nutmeg

  • Mint leaves

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