Manuka Honey UMF™ 10+ | MGO 263+
Manuka Honey UMF™ 10+ | MGO 263+
Manuka Honey UMF™ 10+ | MGO 263+
Manuka Honey UMF™ 10+ | MGO 263+
Manuka Honey UMF™ 10+ | MGO 263+
Manuka Honey UMF™ 10+ | MGO 263+
Manuka Honey UMF™ 10+ | MGO 263+
Girl drinkings smoothie with New Zealand Honey Co. Manuka honey UMF 10+ in it
Manuka Honey UMF™ 10+ | MGO 263+
Manuka Honey UMF™ 10+ | MGO 263+
Manuka Honey UMF™ 10+ | MGO 263+
Raw Manuka Honey UMF 10+ Jar from New Zealand Honey Co - Left side of Jar Label
Manuka Honey UMF™ 10+ | MGO 263+
Manuka Honey UMF™ 10+ | MGO 263+
Manuka Honey UMF™ 10+ | MGO 263+
Manuka Honey UMF™ 10+ | MGO 263+

Manuka Honey UMF™ 10+ | MGO 263+

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This monofloral Manuka Honey has a UMF™ grading & MGO component of:

UMF™ 10+ | MGO 263+

NPA is approximately: NPA 10+

Manuka Honey - New Zealand Honey Co. UMF 10+ Credentials

Processed, packed and labelled in New Zealand
BPA Free

Support Your Wellbeing With UMF™ 10+ Manuka Honey

Quality Assured Pure Manuka Honey From New Zealand

UMF™ 10+ Manuka Honey is a tasty natural supplement that comes from pristine locations around Aotearoa New Zealand. We guarantee it to be pure, authentic and utterly delicious. If your family lives an active lifestyle, this honey is ideal for helping you to be ready for anything. We recommend UMF™ 10+ for teens, young adults and families.

There are so many ways that you can enjoy our UMF™ 10+ Manuka Honey. It’s great in beverages such as herbal drinks and smoothies, as a salad dressing or glaze, in marinades and BBQs, and so much more. It can be used to support minor cuts and abrasions, to help with acne breakouts, for face masks or even just eating a spoonful a day™.

Whether your teenagers are looking for a way to take care of their skin, or you’re wanting a suitable wellbeing boost the whole family can enjoy, UMF™ 10+ is an ideal activity amplifier to help you live your best life.

Our honey is pure, unmodified and perfect every time. We’re extremely proud of our product, and its New Zealand heritage and provenance. That’s why we go to great lengths to prove that what you’re getting is nothing less than the best - through stringent testing and quality standards.

  • Monofloral Goodness: this manuka honey is sourced from clean and secluded locations where the bees mostly gather their nectar from manuka flowers. This results in a higher quantity of potentially health-giving compounds for your wellness.
  • Proudly New Zealand Made: we’re proud of our heritage of three generations of beekeepers. We guarantee that 100% of the honey in your jar is ethically sourced from Aotearoa New Zealand. We are FernMark™ accredited, which means that we have been approved by the NZ Government as a reputable exporter.
  • Meets Stringent Quality Standards: you can rest assured knowing that this jar of manuka honey is approved and certified by the UMF™ Honey Association. To get the UMF™ tick of approval, we are required to perform a range of tests on every batch to certify that it is authentic and pure. You can scan the QR code on the label to see the UMF™ certificate.
  • Planet Friendly: our manuka honey comes in BPA free PETE jars that are most widely accepted for recycling in all countries. We use paper labels and our recyclable cardboard boxes are sourced from sustainably managed forests.
  • Straight From Nature: our manuka honey is an organic, natural living food. It’s packed with pollen and enzymes, vitamins and minerals, and many other essential nutrients that bees produce to thrive.


Certified Test Results for your jar of Manuka Honey

All New Zealand Honey Co. Manuka Honey is independently tested and certified to guarantee the UMF™ grading displayed on the label.

We are able to track our Manuka Honey from the Hive all the way to your Home. 

  • Glyphosate Residue Free
  • Authentic Monofloral Manuka Honey
  • No Antibiotics
  • Non-GMO

To view the UMF™ Certificate specific to your jar of authentic Manuka Honey scan the QR Code on the back of the jar with your mobile phone.

Scannable QR Code showing the traceability and authenticity of Manuka Honey jar


We currently use 100% recyclable PETE 1 packaging, free from BPA. This is one of the most widely accepted plastics for recycling around the world.

We are continually investigating more sustainable packaging that focuses on a reduction of virgin materials. This is an immediate goal for us.

Please reuse or recycle in accordance with your local recycling centre processes.

Our card paper is from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.

Image of PETE 1 recylcing image for Manuka Honey jar


What is UMF™?

UMF™ (Unique Manuka Factor) is a highly-respected grading system that guarantees you genuine, unadulterated natural Manuka Honey. All our Manuka Honey is tested by an independent third party and, at a minimum, meet the standards set by the UMF Association and the New Zealand Government.

Understanding UMF™ vs MGO vs K-Factor:
  • UMF™ is the highest testing standard for any honey worldwide. UMF testing measures these key elements - Leptosperin*, DHA, HMF and Methylglyoxal (MGO) which all mark a high-quality Manuka Honey.
  • MGO measures Methylglyoxal* (MG) but not Leptosperin which classifies genuine Manuka honey.
  • K-Factor focuses on the pollen count of the honey and does not measure the Methylglyoxal (MGO) strength of the Manuka honey.

New Zealand Honey Co. is a member of the UMF™ Association and all our honey is tested and measured to the UMF grading standard.

*Methylglyoxal - linked to antibacterial properties.
*Leptosperin - linked to anti-inflammatory properties.

Our head beekeeper talks through what to look for when purchasing Manuka Honey.



Why this?

UMF & MGO & NPA Comparison Chart

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Oman Oman
I recommend this product
MGO 263+

One of the best I have ever had. Great taste and texture.

New Zealand Honey Co.™ Manuka Honey UMF™ 10+ | MGO 263+ Review
New Zealand Honey Co.™

Great photo! Thanks for sharing and we trust you are enjoying your Manuka Honey.

Kuwait Kuwait
My friends Loved it! Thanks a Million !!

Overwhelmingly Satisfactory to all my friends to whom I gave away each of the New Zealand Honey Co. Manuka Honey that I Ordered this time!! Thank You for such a wonder of Nature !!

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Good offer

Value way more than money

Qatar Qatar
Excellent Honey and high quality

Really so good, bright color for +10 , tasty with high quality. Very quick delivery for overseas orders. I hope they keep the offers so i will order more and more

Australia Australia

Very good products and nicely delivered.

New Zealand

My nephew was easily getting sick during winter times. Then, I suggested my brother (lives in Turkey) to use your active manuka honey (10+) for his son. He has been extremely happy and satisfied with the outcome since then. Guess what, I am sending one box to Turkey every year. Hope you keep producing good quality honey. Thanking on behalf of my brother as well. Cheers, Salih


Ask a Question
  • Is the honey filtered? If so, why is it, and why does it not affect the efficacy of the honey?

    All honey has to be extracted from the comb. We use a centrifuge extraction process to do this. This system separates the debris (wax segments and pollen) from the honey. We do not filter or fine filter our honey. 

FDA Disclaimer: Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.