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Join our New Zealand Honey Co. Colourclub Rewards program and get rewarded when you Shop & Share.
Enjoy the best quality Manuka Honey at discounted prices on your shopping.

Earn even bigger discounts by sharing with your friends.

Simply create an account and you'll start to earn points when you purchase.
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Save money for you (and your friends!)

Earn Points

Make a purchase

1 point per $1 spent

Refer friends

Your friends receive a 15% off coupon + you receive 15% off coupon!

Celebrate a Birthday

50 Points

Like or Share on Facebook

10 Points Each

Create Account

50 Points

Follow on Instagram

10 Points

Get Rewards

$10 Coupon

100 Points

$20 Coupon

200 Points

$30 Coupon

300 Points

$40 Coupon

400 Points

$50 Coupon

500 Points

$60 Coupon

600 Points

$70 Coupon

700 Points

$80 Coupon

800 Points

$90 Coupon

900 Points

$100 Coupon

1000 Points


How do I earn points?

You earn a loyalty point for every dollar you spend on our website. e.g. If you purchase a $25 jar of Manuka Honey you will earn 25 loyalty points.

Can I refer my friends and earn discounts for my own purchases?

Yes! In your Loyalty Points account you will have a unique link you can share with your friends.
If they click that link, visit the site and make a purchase they will receive 15% off their order and you will receive a 15% discount coupon for your next order!

Do I need an account?

Yes, you will need an account on our website to earn points. This is the only way we can save your points in your personal profile.

How do I redeem my points?

You can redeem your points through the Loyalty application for discount coupons at any time. Available rewards are listed in the Rewards pop-up section of the website.

How much are my New Zealand Honey Co. reward points worth?

You must earn a minimum of 100 points to earn your first reward. For 100 points you can redeem them for a $10 discount coupon. The more points, the higher the value of discount coupon you can earn.

e.g. If you spend $100 you will earn 100 points. These can be redeemed for a $10 coupon. If you spend $200 dollars you will earn 200 points. This can be redeemed for a $20 discount coupon and so on.

New Zealand Honey Co Loyalty Points cannot be redeemed:

  • On the purchase from which the points were generated
  • On an order after the order has been placed (retroactively applied)
  • In conjunction with any other offer or voucher
  • On Subscribe & Save orders