Our Story

Hello,welcome to
New Zealand Honey Co.

We’re all shades of play.

As a wellness company, we harness the power of nature to create exceptional quality, proactive health solutions.

To us, raw Manuka honey is one of New Zealand’s very best offerings so we carefully harvest and package this golden goodness, from everyday manuka honey, to the ultra-potent in our colourful honey pots.

“Manuka honey is the distillation of nature. There aren’t many products that 100% come from nature, and are so good for you, straight from the jar.” – Scott Brundell, Co-Owner & Business Director, New Zealand Honey Co.

At New Zealand Honey Co., we’re proud to be radically transparent. Straight from the source, our honey comes from hives throughout the wild, rugged landscapes of New Zealand. Our honey is traceable back to the hive, UMFcertified and contains no GMOs, Glyphosate residue, antibiotics or additives.

We live by the principle that nature is best left untouched.

Home is where the honey is

Eyes on the hives.

Ah, New Zealand. The lush, green expanse at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Our home and the stomping ground of our bees.

Just like Champagne can only come from the Champagne region, authentic Manuka honey can only come from New Zealand – and we’ve become famous for our endemic treasure. The native Manuka shrub (Leptospermum scoparium) is a special plant and naturally thrives here. The nectar of its tiny pink or white flowers feeds the bees that make our delicious, raw honey.

“Manuka is one of the least intensive ways you can farm. What I love is that by selling Manuka, we’re able to support the return of pastured land into natural, regenerated land. By planting Manuka, the land can thrive like it used to.” – Marc Eurell, Co-Owner & Business Director, New Zealand Honey Co.

Rather than having hives of our own, we connect with the very best beekeepers to source the finest honey New Zealand has to offer. This means we can tap into every bountiful corner of the country – from Northland in the far north all the way down to the South Island’s Otago region.

Our partner beekeepers, also known as apiarists, are experts in their trade. We collaborate with these wonderful people because they share our commitment to sustainability and quality. To make sure you only get the best pot of gold, we test for the presence of agrichemicals and other impurities. We’re non-GMO verified and UMF certified, and meet a host of other environmental and purity accreditations. Every jar of our Manuka honey is traceable right back to the hive.

The people in our hive

We inspire, differently

We wouldn’t be here if we weren’t obsessive about honey.

We’re a close-knit team in the heart of Mount Maunganui, a stunning coastal town in New Zealand’s North Island. Led by Scott Brundell and Marc Eurell – both passionate about supporting wellness naturally, and proud to share what their country has to offer the world.

New Zealand Honey Co. was started and run by the Ward family for many decades before Scott and Marc bought the company in 2018 and brought their passion for natural wellbeing. In fact, when the Wards passed on the reins, they’d been beekeeping since the 1930s. Multiple generations of brilliant beekeepers built a solid reputation for top quality honey and exacting standards of bee care.

Scott and Marc both knew it was meant to be.

As travellers, they’d flatted together in London for years. And upon returning home, they’d worked with other Kiwi-owned businesses in health and wellbeing.

One day in 2018, a disoriented bee landed in their office. Always ones to look after our yellow friends, they gave her some honey, and watched as, re-energised, she took to the sky again. Just a day later, the opportunity to buy New Zealand Honey Co. came up, and Scott and Marc took it under their capable business wings. With years of experience bringing New Zealand brands to the world, the entrepreneurs knew they could do the same with high-quality, unadulterated raw honey.

Today, the New Zealand Honey Co. mission is simple: help people, like you, harness the goodness of healthy honey.

Liquid gold you can trust

We only deal in real.

As a pure natural food highly sought-after worldwide for its unique properties, New Zealand’s precious Manuka honey is subject to strict testing. But as the popularity of Manuka soars, so too do the fakes and low-quality imitators. It can be hard to tell the difference.

That’s why we’re clear about our credentials. Radical transparency is our motto.

You’ll be happy to know that:

  • Every jar of Manuka is traceable to the source. Just scan the QR code on the label to see the UMF™ certificate and find out exactly where in New Zealand it came from!  
  • We love our people, so our supply chains are built on strong relationships. We look after our honey suppliers and make sure their values align with ours.
  • We’re strict when it comes to the quality and purity of your honey. Every pot is tested for agrichemicals and other impurities. We’re Non-GMO verified, members of the Detox Project, Glyphosate residue free, Kosher and Halal certified.
  • We want to look after our planet. We’re always looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint, and are happy to say that approximately 95% of our packaging comes from recycled materials – with a commitment to improve wherever we can.

To find out more about our commitment to transparency and quality, take a look at our credentials.