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Our premium Manuka Honey has rare and unique wellness properties making it a versatile superfood.

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Optimised for Life

Manuka Honey the most researched honey in the world. It’s rare and unique properties make it sought after across the globe, from the USA to the UK.

It has a very short harvesting period of 2-6 weeks each year making it a scarce and limited resource.

It is the unique properties and its scarcity that make Manuka Honey such a special opportunity for our affiliates.

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Why partner with New Zealand Honey Co.?

1: Our Manuka Honey is of the highest quality

Each jar of our Manuka Honey is independently certified and tested to ensure we meet, and exceed, the standards set by the New Zealand Government for monofloral Manuka Honey. As a member of the UMFHA association, we are committed to producing Manuka Honey of the highest quality.

2: We listen

We’re here to help you succeed. Our team offer a 1-to-1 support network you can call on anytime. We offer you access to resources that help grow your efforts in promoting our products. Our website includes information you can utilise to maximise your messaging.

3: Our products are highly valued

Manuka Honey prices are high due to its special antibacterial properties, short harvesting window and limited availability. The Manuka Flower in New Zealand is only in bloom for around 2-6 weeks each year. It is in high demand as it contains unique scientific markers not found in other honey.

4: We’re going places

The Manuka Honey industry is currently estimated at over $250 million dollars annually and continues to grow at approximately 20% per year. It’s increasing use in medical applications, in addition to its growing consumption in households everywhere, show that the potential for Manuka Honey is uncapped.

Trust in our Credentials

Independently Tested

All our Manuka Honey is independently tested at government-approved facilities

UMF™ Certified

Our Manuka Honey is UMF Certified to ensure it is of the highest quality

100% New Zealand

Our Manuka Honey is harvested, processed, packed and labelled in New Zealand

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