Manuka Honey vs Manuka Honey Blend


What’s the difference between Manuka blend or Manuka Honey or UMF or MGO? Well the main things is when we place our beehives if there’s a lot of Manuka flowering around then we tend to get a very pure Manuka but in New Zealand there are areas that has other flowering plants flower at the same time as the Manuka, so when we have that happening the bees have some options and they’ll go out and collect some Manuka and maybe some from another tree or another plant, and so that honey is now called Manuka blend, and the government carefully regulate what can be called Manuka Honey and what we’re allowed to call Manuka blend, so you, as a consumer can be absolutely assured that the honey that’s got, particularly a UMF

number on the front, is guaranteed to be exactly what it says on the front.

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