What to look for when purchasing Manuka Honey

The key things when you’re purchasing Mānuka honey is to always look at the label. On the label, it will have either a UMF number which will be from 5 up to maybe as high as 20 or even 26. When it has UMF™, that is a quality standard that is in place to ensure that the honey meets and has been tested.

The MGO number that is sometimes also seen on a pack of Mānuka Honey is a similar thing, but it isn’t regulated as closely as the UMF number. The UMF is checked from shelves all around the world to make sure that, that honey in those jars meets that level of antibacterial activity.

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Why are the MGO #s Different And the The UMF Different. I saw one that Says MGO 10 and UMF 400 is Pure. Are Strengths Different. Is One Weaker. If So Why. I Don’t Get It.

Rosetta Smith

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