Manuka Honey UMF™ Certification - Search for your official UMF™ Certificate

Official New Zealand Honey Co. Manuka Honey UMF Certification information.

This facility is provided to offer full transparency into the tested & certified quality of the UMF Manuka Honey you have purchased from New Zealand Honey Co.™

To view the official UMF certificate specific to the Manuka Honey you have purchased simply find the LOT number on the side of your jar of New Zealand Honey Co.™ UMF Manuka Honey. Then input this into our website search to display the UMF Certificate which indicates the UMF grade and testing results for your specific honey.

Step 1:

Find the LOT# specific to your honey on the left side of any of our UMF Manuka Honey range.


Step 2: 

Enter the LOT number into our website search tool.

on Desktop:

Manuka Honey UMF Certificate Search on New Zealand Honey Co.

on Mobile:

Manuka Honey UMF Certificate Search on Mobile on New Zealand Honey Co.

Step 3:

Select your lot number from the search results.

UMF Certificate Search Results on New Zealand Honey Co Website

That's it!

The UMF Certificate you see will show you the actual UMF grading of the honey you have purchased under the UMF GRADE. This is often actually higher than the UMF number on the front of the jar. You can see a sample below.

If you have specific questions relating to your Manuka Honey or the testing process please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Sample UMF Certificate

Sample UMF Manuka Honey Certificate