The Best Place to Buy Manuka Honey? Tick These 7 Boxes


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  • Not sure what to look for when buying manuka honey? Here's a quick 2-minute guide. After checking these 7 things, you'll be ready to buy with confidence.

Are you looking to buy manuka honey, but you’re not sure where from?

Welcome to this super short and helpful guide on how to make that decision.

There’s a few important factors to consider when buying manuka honey. Let’s dive into it!

Make sure your manuka honey is…

1. Produced in New Zealand.

Authentic manuka honey comes from the wild manuka bushes in New Zealand. Look out for the New Zealand Fernmark Licence which is a mark of trusted, high quality ‘Kiwi’ suppliers.

2. Packaged in New Zealand.

Fake honey circulates the world in alarming quantities. Since Dr Peter Molan’s research in the 1980s made manuka honey highly sought after, the counterfeit honey market has boomed too. To avoid buying ‘fake’ manuka honey, or jars that have been tampered with, make sure yours has been packaged and sealed in New Zealand.

3. Monofloral not multifloral.

Monofloral manuka honey means the honey bees collected nectar predominantly from manuka flowers, so the concentration of beneficial properties is high.

Multifloral manuka honey, on the other hand, means multiple types of flowers were involved. The manuka honey might have been mixed with other honey, or simply be from an area that is not dense enough in manuka flowers to be called monofloral.

4. UMF™ certified by the UMFHA.

This is the highest certification manuka honey can have. If the label has the UMF™ logo, you can trust that it is genuine manuka honey, held to the highest standards of honey testing in the world. It also means you’ve ticked the first three boxes - awesome!

5. Free from additives, glyphosate, and genetically modified organisms.

Make sure that the herbicide glyphosate hasn’t leaked into the honey you’re about to buy. Try and get manuka honey that is as organic as it can possibly be, and isn’t harvested near genetically modified crops.

6. Trusted by plenty of happy customers.

You’re going to want to know that others have bought it… and loved it! Read reviews of how other customers have enjoyed the honey, and what they’ve used it for. You might find someone looking to solve a similar problem to you.

And lastly, but not least…

7. Make sure your manuka honey is from New Zealand Honey Co.!

That’s right, the best place to buy manuka honey is right here with us.

We’ve got all the accreditations and reviews to prove it, and our policy is to be as transparent about our honey as we possibly can.

You can even view the UMF™ certificate of your own jar and see exactly where in New Zealand that specific batch of honey came from!

We live by the principle that nature is best left untouched. We invite you to do the same.

Buy your manuka honey from as close to the source as possible, and unlock the power of nature for a happier, healthier version of you.

Want to buy the very best manuka honey but not sure how?
Check out our buyer’s checklist. We give you seven tips to follow when buying manuka honey.

Your wellness journey starts with a spoonful a day.

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