176 Ways to Use Manuka Honey


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Manuka honey’s many health benefits can be found through more ways than just eating it off the spoon. We share some delicious recipes with you.

From eating it, to spreading it on your skin, wounds, and hair, to using it around your home or for religious reasons, we have a range of manuka honey that can serve your purpose.

Manuka honey can boost your immunity, vitality, and beauty.

But best of all, manuka honey makes a great gift.

When you think of manuka honey, what do you imagine?

Are you picturing wild, remote landscapes and a delicate swarm of bees? Eating it off the spoon, spreading it on your toast, or stirring it into your tea?

All of this sounds lovely. The amazing thing is that that’s not all it’s good for.

The antiviral and antibacterial properties of manuka honey make it suitable for other purposes too such as helping to heal wounds, remedy illnesses, and aid recovery.

We’re about to break all this down for you, so you know exactly when you can reach for that jar in your pantry and how to use it. On top of that, we have some of the most delicious sweet and savoury recipes to share with you - that all include manuka honey!

We’ve split this list into three main sections: immunity, beauty, and vitality.


Let’s get stuck in.


Immunity Uses of Manuka Honey

8 Health and Wellness Uses of Manuka Honey

Maintain your health and wellbeing with regular consumption of manuka honey!

For the uses described in this section, we recommend our mid-range honey UMF™ 15+, or higher.

Boost your energy levels (recovering from illness, or before exercise)

Whether you’re looking for an extra energy boost in the morning, or you’re trying to bounce back from something that’s knocked you out for a few days, manuka honey can give you that energy boost you’re looking for.

High in natural sugars, it can be a healthy option to kick-start your morning.

Read more about this on Healthline.

Make your own ‘immunity gummies’ for the winter

This is such a great idea from Nutra Organics! Why not make some healthy candy to suck on throughout the winter months, to help keep you naturally protected.

Combining lemon, ginger, and manuka honey with natural gelatin makes an easy mix to pour into cube moulds and store.

Check out the method on Nutra Organics.

Balance your hormones

Whether you're suffering from stress, PMS, menopausal symptoms, manuka honey might be able to help!

Just like other bee products, it can help your immune system as well as with inflammation. Manuka’s unusually high quantity of healing enzymes makes it a popular go-to for treating hormone imbalance.

Read more on Live Well Zone.

Ease period pain

Yes, honey has been known to reduce the uncomfortability of menstrual cramps.

“In a 2017 study in the journal Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics, researchers discovered that one tablespoon of honey taken daily during the two weeks prior to your period is just as effective as taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) during your period to reduce cramp pain.” - My Hormonology

Isn’t that amazing?

Read more about this on Hormonology.

Improve your digestion

Manuka honey is known to be quite effective at reducing inflammation.

Although there isn’t enough concrete research to prove it, it appears that it can have positive effects on small digestive problems and symptoms. It’s able to kill off Clostridium difficile (a bacterial infection often called C. diff), as effectively as antibiotics.

Read more about its effect on symptoms on Healthline.

Keep your body ready to respond to antibiotics

Manuka honey is known to kill MRSA, also known as “Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus”. This is a group of Gram-positive bacteria that are genetically distinct from other strains of Staphylococcus aureus.

MRSA is responsible for several difficult-to-treat infections in humans, so by consuming a substance (manuka honey) that fights and kills MRSA your body can be better prepared to respond to antibiotics.

Read more about this on Frontiers in Microbiology.

Make lozenges

This recipe creatively mixes herbal tea with manuka honey and gelatin, to form lozenges.

If you follow the recipe, each piece will have 3-4 grams of manuka honey in it, so you can choose how many you have per day depending on whether you’re preventing or fighting a cough or cold.

The lozenges can be kept in the fridge for up to a week.

Go to the recipe from Garden Therapy.

Eat it straight from our bamboo spoon

A spoonful a day as part of your morning routine will help to look after your immunity, vitality and beauty.

When dipping into your raw manuka honey with our bamboo spoon, do so with pause. Savour the delicious taste of raw honey on your tongue and know that it’s doing wonders for your body.

12 Ways to Remedy Illnesses or Aid Recovery with Manuka Honey

Next, we’re going to focus on how you can use manuka honey to fight mild illnesses you might have, and help you get better from ailments.

Soothe your sore throat and cough

Honey, lemon and ginger are age-old remedies for sore throats. But manuka honey might be just as effective at clearing coughs than some over the counter medicine. Swallowing 1-2 teaspoons of manuka honey a day when you have a sore throat may help soothe you.

Read more on BBC Good Food.

Fight periodontal disease and gingivitis

It might surprise you that manuka honey is good for your teeth and gums, given the high sugar content in honey.

But the high antibacterial activity in manuka honey is actually effective at inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria, like P. gingivalis.

It has been found to reduce bleeding in patients suffering from gum disease.

Read the study on PubMed.

Prevent plaque build up and look after your gums

Plaque build up is responsible for a lot of dental problems, and the removal of this plaque is the answer to maintaining a healthy mouth and preventing bacterial growths.

Regular brushing and continuous dental appointments have been the solution to manually managing plaque, but this requires effort and motivation of the person in question.

Studies into how antimicrobial agents can replace or work in conjunction with mechanical processes are therefore quite popular. It’s found that applying manuka honey into the gingival sulcus of teeth, twice a day, significantly reduces plaque formation.

See the study of manuka honey on dental plaque here.

Treat impetigo, a skin disease

“Impetigo is a common acute superficial bacterial skin infection characterised by pustules and honey-coloured crusted erosions ('school sores'). The word 'impetiginisation' is used for superficial secondary infection of a wound or other skin condition. Ulcerated impetigo is called ecthyma.” - Derm Net NZ

Manuka honey might be able to help with impetigo. It’s advised to apply a high grade manuka honey directly to impetigo sores. Leave it on for 20 minutes before washing it off.

See the advice from Healthline.

Prevent urinary tract infections - possibly

It turns out that manuka honey could potentially be used to help prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs) often caused by catheters (tubes used to drain bladders of hospital patients).

The research suggests that flushing diluted manuka honey through the catheter might slow the speed of bacterial growth and the formation of biofilms, but this trial has only been done in a laboratory, and more study is required before trying it on humans.

Read more about the study on The Conversation.

Ease symptoms of cystic fibrosis

People with cystic fibrosis commonly contract upper respiratory infections.

Manuka honey has been shown to fight the bacteria that cause these, by inhibiting their growth. It’s also been shown to work in conjunction with antibiotic treatment.

See the study on this here.

Nurse gastric ulcers (potentially), and prevent alcohol-induced gastric ulcers

Although the research into manuka honey treating gastric ulcers isn’t conclusive, a study on rats has proven that manuka honey could be effective in preventing alcohol-induced gastric ulcers, which is great because alcohol is a common cause of these nasty stomach ulcers!

Read about how these tests were performed here.

Remedy diabetic foot ulcers

Studies in England have shown that manuka honey has been an effective treatment for diabetic foot ulcers. Some of these ulcers are so bad that they become open wounds.

As we’ll cover later on, manuka honey can provide comparatively rapid wound healing due to its antibacterial properties.

You can read more about the science behind this remedy in a study on the US National Library of Medicine website.

Treat GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) or acid reflux

Manuka honey has been said to help with GERD and acid reflux, by coating the stomach and oesophagus and helping to heal tissue. Although there is no evidence that it is more effective than traditional medicines, it is a popular natural remedy.

Check out this research from the Oesophageal Cancer foundation in the UK or this article from Senior Living Experts.

Soothe tonsillitis

Just like when you have a regular sore throat, manuka honey can help soothe your tonsillitis. It’s anti-inflammatory properties work wonders in reducing redness, pain, and swelling in your throat.

Read about all seven benefits on Healthyy.net

Take it as a laxative

Yep, you read that right. Regular consumption of manuka honey can help keep you regular. In the case of constipation, it can be used as a laxative to help things along.

If you’re really suffering, we recommend you consult a medical professional instead of eating it by the tablespoon in an attempt to relieve yourself! But on a mild level, it might help to give you a nudge in the right direction.

Read the Journal of Dermatology Research and Therapy report.

Clear up a sinus infection

Rinsing with a diluted manuka honey solution may be just as effective if not more effective than rinsing with salt water.

“How does honey fight sinus infections? Sinus infections can be caused by bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus which can form difficult to eradicate colonies known as biofilms. Manuka honey contains high levels of a compound called methylglyoxal (MGO) which has powerful “anti-biofilm” properties.”

Read more on the Advanced Sinus and Allergy Centre website.

3 Ways Manuka Honey is Useful in Wound Care

Right, now that we’ve covered mild illnesses, we’re going to move onto wound care.

Treating wounds with manuka honey has had quite amazing results across the board - from doing it yourself at home to doctors using it to treat serious burns in hospitals.

Let’s have a look at the different ways that manuka honey can help you out.

Spread it on your wounds

The first and perhaps most obvious wound care use is to apply it directly to a wound!

It works because manuka honey forms a protective barrier around the wound, keeping bacteria out, and keeping the wound hydrated. On top of that, the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties can get to work on healing, sometimes barely leaving a scar.

We’ve seen this first hand! Our friend Rik recovered quickly from a burst blood blister on his foot (which was the result of a hospital cast being put on too tight) while applying our UMF™ 26+ religiously.

For more information, read our blog on manuka honey wound care

Use or make manuka honey bandages

With manuka honey being so beneficial for wounds, it’s no surprise manuka honey bandages have come into existence.

Some pharmacies sell adhesive bandages infused with medical grade manuka honey to saturate the wound and keep it in an environment that is conducive to healing.

Alternatively, you can make your own at home, by spreading manuka honey to the inside of a normal bandage before applying it to the wound.

Treat third degree burns (doctors only!)

All third degree burns must be treated in hospital or by medical professionals, not with manuka honey at home.

But in some horrendous third degree burn situations, manuka honey is the salve of doctors’ choice to apply to the affected areas, as it can be less painful than other options for the patient.

“Manuka honey from New Zealand is sterilized before application and is known to be less painful for the patient. Due to its acidic effect, it reduces germ numbers in the wounds. Honey can be left on the wound for more than one day, as well as hydrogel, that is also used for contaminated wounds. These new wound dressings are just used in a couple of Burn Units for the treatment of second-degree burns or split-skin grafted burns. However, the treatment of large burn wounds with older dressing regimes (e.g. PVP-Iod) cause intensive pain in every dressing change.”

See the full trial of different wound dressings in split-skin grafted third degree burns.

If you’ve never thought about using manuka honey to treat mild cuts and wounds, well, now you know! And it’s not just useful on humans, either...

8 Ways Manuka Honey Can Help Your Pets (Dogs)

Although this section is dog-heavy, manuka honey’s benefits may be similar in other animals too. Always talk to your registered veterinarian if you are unsure about what to give your pet or how to take care of its needs.

But when it comes to dogs, it looks like manuka honey can be just as beneficial for them as it is for us!

Boost your dog’s immune system and protect against viruses

The Pet Lifestyle Guru recommends starting conservatively when introducing manuka honey to your dog’s diet. You can follow these approximate guidelines:

  • Small Dog: 1/2 tsp twice a day
  • Medium Dog: 1 tsp twice a day
  • Large Dog: 2 tsp twice a day

It can boost your dog’s natural immunity, and also give it some extra energy. Read more here.

“This magical golden liquid helps boost the immune system of your furry friend and acts as a source of energy and provides endurance and vitality. Anecdotal evidence suggests that Manuka honey helps to stimulate the body which can go a long way in aiding older dogs regain some of their drives.”

Some dog gravy food products include manuka honey in their ingredients lists.

Read more on The Pet Lifestyle Guru.

Spread it on animal wounds

Minor animal wounds that can be treated at home may benefit from manuka honey.

Putting a bandage over the freshly applied honey will allow it to really sink in before your dog has licked it off!

Manuka honey can be mixed with colostrum for even more nutritional benefits, or found as a key ingredient in creams that are ready to use on your dog, such as this one from Blackmores. 

Read more about manuka honey on dog wounds in Dogs Naturally Magazine.

Wash your dog with it (manuka honey soap bar)

With a combination of great ingredients, this soap bar is packed full of goodness.

It can be used on dogs and other pets too.

Relieve your dog from constant itching caused by allergies with this all natural anti itch dog shampoo bar. Suitable for irritated skin, and pets that suffer from reactions in chemical based products. WashBar is a nastie free zone!”

Have a look at this manuka washbar for dogs.

Moisturise your pet with it

Yes! Just like manuka honey is good for our skin, it can be good for your dog’s, too. Here are two reasons to use a quality moisturizing product:

VET RECOMMENDED - Made from the finest natural and organic ingredients. The best aloe, oils, vitamins and amino acids, to nourish and soothe damaged skin. The nutrient rich formula works to repair and promote faster healing. Everything your pets’ skin needs.

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Manuka Honey (Leptospermum Scoparium Mel) is one of the most powerful natural antiseptics anywhere. Manuka Honey is also known as Medihoney and is used in hospitals for burns and wound care. No Alcohols, Mineral Oils or Harmful Chemicals.”

Check this one out from Reso Organics.

Treat your dogs allergies

Some research suggests that honey can help calm down allergies (although this is not conclusive). In dogs, it might be able to soothe them from nasty symptoms.

“Honey contains components that act as natural antihistamines. When you have an allergic reaction, antihistamines block histamines released in the body. Your dog’s body sees mold, pollen, dust, and other allergens as foreign invaders. The result of the reaction is itching, sneezing, watering eyes, and more. In other words, the honey’s antihistamines help prevent the body’s reaction to such allergens.”

Try giving your dog small, safe doses of manuka honey in spring and see if it (and you!) can notice the difference.

Interested in how it works? Read more on Dog Lover Store.

Support gut health

One of the benefits of manuka honey for dogs is this:

“Prebiotic support for a healthy gut. Manuka honey can help maintain the good bacteria in your best friend’s gut so a teaspoon full a day can help keep the vet away.”

It’s recommended that if you introduce a new, unknown food source into your dog’s diet (or your own diet!), you do so slowly, and keep an eye on any reactions.

Read a little more on My Best Friend Dog Care.

Support great oral health

Just like in humans, manuka honey can produce good results in a dog's mouth.

“Manuka honey can help to fight off bacteria that can lead to tooth decay, bad breath, and gum inflammation. Who knew that eating a little bit of sugar can help promote good oral health and prevent bad breath?”

Dogs don’t eat a lot of sugar though, so be sure you only do this in carefully controlled, measured doses.

See more from Wee Wee Frenchie.

Treat kennel cough in your dog 

“Kennel cough, also known as canine infectious tracheobronchitis, is a self-limiting disease that affects the upper respiratory tract of dogs. Just like a common cold, kennel cough is caused by several bacteria or viruses. [It] can be mild or severe, depending on the originating organism.”

Simply boosting immunity is a good way to prevent kennel cough, but when your dog has it, they need the go-to lemon and honey of the dog world.

This can be in the form of manuka honey, recommended to reduce discomfort.

Read more about this on The Pet Lifestyle Guru.



Beauty and Manuka Honey

In this section, we’re going to look at manuka honey in skincare, on scars, on your body, and on your face. Get ready for some pampering inspiration!


On our blog, we cover what the best manuka honey for your face is, and how to find the best manuka honey for your skin.

Here, we’re going to cover some more specific uses.

Typically, for skincare, we recommend using a high UMF™ grading of honey. Anything from UMF™ 15+ to UMF™ 26+ can help you get the best results.

Let’s dive into it.

4 Ways to Use Manuka Honey on Acne

Make an acne cleanser 

Did you know that when manuka honey is diluted with water, it retains its antibacterial properties and the high sugar content is reduced?

That means you can make it less expensive to use as a daily acne wash.

“Manuka Honey has a low pH of between 3.2 and 4.5, which is beneficial to heal and help balance the skin. It can help remove dead skin cells, while its reported anti-inflammatory properties can reduce inflammation and redness. It is also a natural humectant meaning that it attracts and preserves moisture in the skin, maintaining a natural, dewy glow.”

Read more about this acne cleanser on our blog.

Make an acne mask with tumeric 

We’ve got a recipe for making a manuka honey and turmeric acne mask!

The active ingredient in turmeric is called Curcumin, and it’s incredible at purifying and cleansing the skin, resulting in a healthy, bright glow.

“Combining New Zealand Manuka Honey’s powerful antibacterial properties with the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric provides a healthy solution that can heal acne, redness, scarring and blemishes on the skin. It is the ultimate topical skin treatment that everyone is talking about!”

With just two natural ingredients mixed together in the right ratio, applied to your skincare routine twice a week, you might be able to feel some relief from acne.

Treat your spots directly

Along with cleansing and soaking your face, you can also target individual spots and areas directly. Again, turmeric is a great compliment to manuka honey.

“We recommend using Manuka Honey UMF™ 10+ or greater because it contains a higher strength of MGO and is reported to be more effective against harmful bacteria. However, for a more potent and effective treatment use a UMF™ 15+, UMF™ 20+ or UMF™ 24+ Manuka Honey.”

Check out how to treat spots with manuka on our blog.

Reduce acne scarring 

After your acne gets better, through whichever method, you don’t want the record of it hanging around! Fortunately, there are ways to reduce scarring.

“Scars are a natural response to injury, as our body takes time to rebuild its broken structures. The key to healing scars is to give them time - and not make them worse. Scars can be itchy, red and dry. Manuka Honey acts as an emollient, which means that it locks in moisture to the skin and protects it. By keeping the affected areas hydrated and supple, the honey may relieve discomfort and prevent the temptation to scratch scars.”

Go to this article on our blog to read more.

2 Uses of Manuka Honey On Scars

Manuka honey isn’t just good for acne scars - it’s good for all types of scars!

On our blog we explore what the best manuka honey for scars is (spoiler alert: it’s UMF™ 26+). Just like with skincare, we recommend using the higher grades of manuka honey.

Here are a couple of ideas of how, where, and why to use it.

Apply it to directly healing wounds

How do you heal from a bad cut without a lasting scar?

Well, manuka honey seems to be one answer, and according to Midland Reporter, it works like this.

“The body naturally attempts to heal itself by gathering up serum around an infected wound, the serum dries and turns into a scab, the scab then turns into a scar. Manuka honey does not dry out, so it provides a moist wound bed preventing scabs from forming and scarring, also easier removal of dressings - this decreases pain and tissue loss. Manuka honey kills bacteria which causes the wound infection and nourishes new growth tissue.”

We’ve had our own fascinating experience with a serious, open wound healing flawlessly with the application of our very own UMF™ 26+ manuka honey. It appeared to save our friend Rik’s ankle!

Rik suffered a nasty burst blood blister that occurred from having a hospital cast put on his sprained ankle too tightly, and at one point he thought they’d have to amputate. He managed to nurse himself back to health and rigorously applied our highest strength of manuka honey twice a day.

Amazingly, he’s all healed now.


Rub it into stretch marks to regenerate skin tissue

There are a few different ways to reduce stretch marks using natural home remedies, and manuka honey is one of them.

“The mixture of honey, sugar and lemon can create a natural stretch mark treatment. Honey is a natural moisturizer. Manuka honey in particular is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. The vitamin C in the honey helps reduce inflammation and regenerates skin tissue. The tiny beads of sugar act as a gentle exfoliant.”

See more on Retone Skin.

7 Ways to Use Manuka Honey On Your Face

Wash your face with it!

You can apply manuka honey directly to your face as a face wash. Simply spread a teaspoon of honey evenly on your face and let it sink in a little before washing off at the sink or in the shower. You can gently massage with a face sponge if you like.

If you’d like to read a little more, check out our blog.

Make a manuka honey facemask 

If you’re into face masks, here’s our recipe for a pure Manuka Honey Face Mask. It might sound sticky but it’s surprisingly not as messy as you’d think.

Manuka Honey has a low pH of between 3.2 and 4.5, which is beneficial to heal and help balance the skin. It can help remove dead skin cells, while it's reported anti-inflammatory properties can reduce inflammation and redness.

Tip: If you usually have sensitive skin, test a little bit of manuka honey on a small area first before applying it to your whole face.

Keep reading on the recipe: Manuka Honey Face Mask.

Make a manuka honey facemask with rosewater 

Want something a little runnier? Try mixing rosewater with manuka honey.

Rose water has antioxidants which can help protect cells from damage, so it’s a perfect partner for manuka honey.

See the recipe for DIY Manuka Honey and Rosewater Face Mask

Make a detoxifying charcoal facemask

“I'm full-on obsessed with weird beauty remedies. Why buy a mask full of strange additives when you can get better skin with a face covered in raw honey? Why fall for beauty buzzwords like "anti-inflammatory" and "glowing" when you can do just that with a simple shake of turmeric? My latest find in the world of strange, do-I-eat-that-or-wear-it? beauty is gritty and black and awfully similar to something your dad grills with: activated charcoal.”

It’s true. Tori Telfer from lifestyle publication ‘Bustle’ believes in honey and charcoal.

“Charcoal draws out impurities from your skin and leaves it feeling extra clean. Mix a teaspoon with water to form a paste, and add a squeeze of honey. Leave on for 5-10 minutes.”

Read more here, and try it with manuka honey for extra benefits.

Prevent premature ageing 

Manuka honey can boost collagen production, which is important if you want to hold onto the youthful elasticity of your skin!

The reason our skin starts to age is because our collagen production slows down, and this results in wrinkles. Using manuka honey on your face is an effective anti-aging routine that you’ll thank yourself for in years to come.

Eye cream

By combining manuka honey, avocado oil, jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil, and beeswax, you can make your own eye cream at home.

“The anti-inflammatory nature of Manuka honey makes it especially useful in this eye treatment as many of us experience puffiness and inflammation around the eyes. The antibacterial properties of Manuka can also be helpful if you are dealing with any type of breakout.”

Find the recipe on No Fuss Natural.

Night cream

Just like making a facial moisturizer, you can make a night cream.

Typically, the ingredients include other superfood products (like avocado oil) and essential oils. Night cream and moisturizers are relatively inexpensive to buy, but also very easy to make at home.

If you’re new to this, you could start by adding manuka honey to your existing night cream to give it a natural, healthy boost, and see if you enjoy making it!

“The active ingredient Manuka Honey (MGO260+) has long been used for its many healing properties, and also works to rejuvenate skin to help repair and restore it for a more youthful appearance.”

Check out this one from Nature’s Beauty.

12 Ways to Use Manuka Honey On Your Body

Make your own body butter

It’s not only great for your face - your skin all over will benefit from manuka honey too!

It’s a natural humectant - it draws in and retains moisture which makes it deeply nourishing to your skin and can leave you with a natural, dewy glow.

Find out how to make Manuka Honey Body Butter

Make lip balm

Do you think you could use manuka honey as lip balm, without licking it all from your lips?

Mixing it with almond oil, olive oil and beeswax will ensure it stays on your lips and doesn’t get teased onto your tongue. But it still has that amazing honey flavour.

Check out these instructions for making your own manuka honey lip balm

Bathe in it with mud

Yes, here in New Zealand you can bathe in warm, bubbling mud in Rotorua’s thermal ‘pools’! As well as the key ingredients of Sulphur, Calcium, Sodium and Silicon which are said to improve the natural processes of your skin, the mud blend at Pure Source also contains manuka honey, kiwi fruit and Colostrum.

Take care of your breastfeeding nipples

Medical grade manuka honey is recommended by Birth Care NZ for mothers with damaged nipples from breastfeeding. Applying high grade manuka honey on breast pads can be soothing, especially if you’ve been keeping your manuka honey in the fridge!

Read a bit more about how to care for breastfeeding nipples with manuka honey.

Restore your cuticles

The humectant qualities of manuka honey can benefit your nails by restoring dry, cracked cuticles, and keeping them supple.

What should you mix together for this nail care solution?

Find out on Naturally Savvy.

Honey on eczema

If manuka honey can be so soothing on skin, it’s no surprise that it can be effective on eczema as well. Whether applying it straight at home, or in a creamy moisturiser from the pharmacy, the benefits of the honey should be able to relieve you as they sink right in.

See what the Eczema Company has to say about manuka honey and eczema.

Honey lip scrub

According to Nivea, exfoliating your lips is a thing. They say:

“The damage or dryness on your lips may be a result of the weather e.g. UV-radiation from the sun or coldness, incorrect care or stress. Indulging in an exfoliating treatment once or twice a week will help cleanse your lips so they are left looking healthier than ever.”

One of the lip scrubbing methods that Nivea recommends is a honey scrub. Of course, we think that a manuka honey scrub will bring you even better results, so why not try this one at home!

Get the instructions from Nivea here.

Honey body wash

Milk and honey is a popular combination in the world of beauty products, so no wonder there’s a great recipe for making a milk and manuka honey body wash!

Lifestyle bloggers Irena and Cyna have this to say:

“Many commercial body washes contain these surfactants because they’re cheap and potent foaming agents, which we have been trained to associate with cleansing power. But they also strip the skin of its natural lipids and fats, disrupting the skin barrier and causing dry, irritated, and itchy skin. Not so this sulfate-free milk and honey body wash recipe! It’s formulated with a mild surfactant that cleanses gently. The body wash recipe also contains milk, honey, and jojoba oil, adding refatting qualities that replenish and protect the skin.”

They also recommend using manuka honey for a more luxurious wash.

Have a read of the whole story and get the recipe on Country Hill Cottage.

Alternatively, check out this coconut, shea butter, and manuka honey body wash from Earthwise for an easier option.

Honey eye drops

While we don’t recommend making this one at home, we do recommend that you check it out if you have chronic dry eye, blepharitis, or sore, irritated eyes or eyelids.

“Optimel Antibacterial Manuka Eye Drops help stabilise the surface health of the eye from dry eye symptoms such as sore, irritated eyes and eyelids. [They] assist the surface health of the eye by creating a micro-environment that supports healing and prevents further damage. When applied to the surface of the eye, Optimel Antibacterial Manuka Eye Drops provide an environment that through low pH, acts on bacteria that may potentially colonize the traumatised surface.”

Read more about this product on Eyecare Solutions.

Honey moisturiser

This is so easy and fun to make at home.

Beauty blogger ‘Beauty Munsta’ has this to say about manuka honey:

“As a beauty DIYer, I can tell you that adding manuka honey to your homemade skin care formulations is one of the best things you can do. Manuka honey is truly nourishing for your skin. It’s jam-packed with powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other bio-active compounds that deliver all sorts of much-needed nutrients into skin cells.”

With several other ingredients, you can batch make this at home and share it with your friends.

Get the exact recipe from Beauty Munsta.

Try to remove facial hair with manuka honey - if you’re brave enough!

Beauty blogger Byrdie investigates whether you can permanently remove facial hair with honey. In her research, she finds:

“"Yes, honey is effective for removing facial hair to a certain degree, but it does not destroy the hair follicle," says esthetician Ashley Anderson, co-owner of Skin Deep Naples, a med-spa in Naples, Florida.”

Whether this works or not probably depends on a few factors.

You can read more about the research on Brydie here.

Heal your cracked feet

Whip up your own balm at home!

Shea butter, coconut oil, essential oils and beeswax are perfect ingredients to mix with manuka honey and store in a tin by your bedside. Rubbing this moisturizer into cracked heels and feet can have them feeling soft and supple again in no time.

Here’s the recipe from Green Goddess

3 Uses for Manuka Honey in Hair Care

What’s up next in our beauty section? Hair.

Oh yes, manuka honey can do good for your hair too. Let’s look into some of the ways you can use it to give you shinier, healthier locks.

Nourish your hair with a hair mask

We’ve got our very own hair mask recipes for you!

You can choose from:

  • Manuka honey and coconut oil
  • Manuka honey, avocado, and olive oil
  • Manuka honey and egg yolk

From heating together, to mashing into a paste, you’ll want to read the method instructions carefully on these ones.

Go ahead and treat yourself to a manuka honey hair mask.

Make your own shampoo

At this point, you shouldn’t be surprised that you can make shampoo and conditioner as well. For hair products, we recommend you use anything between UMF™ 10+ and UMF™ 20+.

Coconut milk, lavender essential oil, and lemon essential oil are just some of the ingredients that you can combine with manuka honey to create a luscious blend for your hair.

See the recipe for manuka honey hair shampoo here.

Make a deep conditioner

Imagine manuka honey with shea butter, cocoa butter, and essential oils, on your hair - divine.

To make this deep conditioner, you’ll need to use a conditioning agent such as BTMS 50 which emulsifies the water in the oil phase (step one).

Then you can mix Kakui nut oil and Buriti fruit oil together to make a great coloured, non-greasy base for your conditioner.

After the oil phase comes the water phase… but we’ll let beauty extraordinaire Yaya take you through that!

Watch how to make this hair conditioner here.


Vitality Uses for Manuka Honey

Food and Drinks

Finally, we get to the lip-smacking, delicious recipes for eating and drinking!

Consuming manuka honey in these delicious ways can give you all the health benefits from the above sections. Mixing doesn’t dilute the goodness of the honey!

Here are some tasty recipes for you. From breakfast, snacks, dinner and sauces, to desserts, cheeses, baking, and beverages, we’ve got plenty of ideas to share with you.

Let’s get into it!

5 Ways To Enjoy Your Breakfast with Manuka Honey

Porridge with figs, bananas, and manuka honey

Perfect for a warm start to the day in winter, this breakfast helps you get in your nutrients early in the day. It’s also adaptable for the whole family: you can swap out toppings or add your own as you like. It’s all good with manuka honey drizzled on top!

Go to the recipe from Sainsburys.

Banana smoothie with honey and cinammon

Great for breakfast or late weekend wake up. Use manuka honey to really give yourself a health boost while enjoying your blended oat smoothie!

Go to the recipe from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs.

Manuka honey infused chia pudding 

With unlimited flavour combinations, chia pudding makes a great pre- or post-workout meal, as well as breakfast. This is because chia seeds provide tissue repairing protein. We’ve listed some of our favourite flavour combos to keep this timeless recipe exciting for any day of the week.

Go to our very own New Zealand Honey Co. recipe.

Make granola with manuka honey

There are a few different ways you can incorporate manuka honey into your granola.

Either coat your oats, nuts and seeds in the luxurious golden liquid before toasting them, or simply drizzle on top of your granola while serving.

If you love manuka honey as much as us, why not do both!

Check out this recipe for Spring Manuka Honey Granola.

Eat with yoghurt

This is simply a delicious and nutritious serving suggestion for your favorite yogurt.

Whether setting yourself up for the day with a wholesome breakfast, or having a late afternoon snack, manuka honey on yogurt is a winner everyday.

5 Delicious Snacks to Make with Manuka Honey

Make a sweet peanut butter sandwich 

Peanut butter and jelly is a classic, but have you tried peanut butter and honey?

Here’s a recipe for a peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwich - with instructions for how to make your own peanut butter.

Try it with manuka honey to take your sandwich to the next level. If your mouth isn’t watering looking at the photos… wow!

Go to the recipe on Go Dairy Free.

Enjoy honey baked ham sandwiches

If you can’t buy manuka honey smoked or baked ham like this one from Hellers, you can simply honey bake it yourself, with a fully cooked ham, honey, brown sugar, cloves and pineapple juice.

See this recipe from Cafe Delites, or go to our food section below for more recipes for honey baked ham.

Honey roasted seasame chips 

Sesame sticks and chips can make great nutty, salty, wholesome snacks.

Combining sesame seeds, wheatgerm, honey, sesame oil, whole wheat flour and water together will give you a nice dough. You can refrigerate this dough, then roll it out and shape it into your desired shape of sesame chips!

Use manuka honey in this recipe to get even more health benefits.

See how it’s done on Spark Recipes.

Make candied ginger

With fresh ginger and honey, you can make candied ginger at home for a yummy, superfood snack on the go.

A healthier option than turning to candy, using manuka honey will give the ginger an MGO kick. If you have a dehydration machine, it will really speed things up.

Check out a recipe from Delicious Obsessions.

Whip up almond honey popcorn for a movie night

If almond butter, coconut oil and manuka honey sound like a great combination for a popcorn flavour, pick a movie for Friday night and bookmark this recipe! With this, you can swap out your unhealthy salted butter version and replace it with kernels just as yummy, but with goodness for your body too.

Follow the recipe on Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen for this treat.

3 Ways to Supercharge Your Nuts and Seeds with Manuka Honey

Are you prone to getting peckish but want a healthy snack? Or maybe you just want to add more nuts to your breakfast! Here are a few ways you can level up your nuts and seeds.

Honey roasted peanuts

Want to make an average snack even more delicious and healthy?

Try honey roasted peanuts!

These are easy to make at home, and can be done in the oven or in an air fryer. The butter and cinnamon work together with the honey to give the nuts a sweet and salty taste. Use manuka honey for a healthier touch.

See the recipe on Cook it Real Good.

Honey roasted pumpkin seeds

Allergic to nuts, or perhaps you’d rather try seeds? No worries!

Honey roasted pumpkin seeds are just as delicious, and give you a boost of zinc.

You can either use store-bought green pumpkin seeds, or actually save the seeds of a pumpkin yourself, next time you’re using one.

See how it’s done on The Clever Carrot.

Manuka honey nut granola bars

These healthy bars make for a great breakfast on the run, morning snack, or afternoon pick me up. Healthier than shop-bought bars, the fresh crunch will give you a lift.

Nuts, oats, coconut oil accompany the warm manuka honey smell in your kitchen after 20 minutes of baking in the oven.

Go to the recipe from Vikalinka.

6 Wholesome Breads with Manuka Honey

After breakfast and a good morning’s work, you might be hankering for a delicious loaf for lunch. Here’s a selection of manuka-honey-breads that might excite your taste buds! Not all of them are sweet, and you can add toppings like cream cheese as you wish.

Honey wheat bread

This wholesome bread is made from a combination of whole wheat flour, and white flour, and it tastes lightly of honey. This recipe in particular is easy to make, and produces two loaves, one of which is recommended to wolf down when it comes straight out of the oven!

It’s a family favourite for Lizzy, will it be for you?

Go to the recipe on Taste of Lizzy T.

Honey oat bread

With flour, salt, yeast, and water, this bread recipe has everything you’d expect. But it also uses milk, butter, honey, and oats.

Starting to sound a bit more like your morning slice of toast?

Honey oat bread is a soft loaf that requires two rounds of rising for best results.

If you’d like to try this, get the recipe on Butter with a Side of Bread.

Honey cornbread

Did you know there’s different types of cornbread? Northern cornbread, Southern cornbread, with or without sugar, in a skillet or a cake pan…

Well, if you’re after a delicious buttery, honey, moist cornbread, this sweet hybrid might be the right one for you. Depending on how you make it, it might be more of a dessert!

See a very detailed story and recipe from The Food Charlatan.

Honey sourdough bread

This is not one to make in a hurry, as for sourdough you need an active starter.

But if baking bread is your thing, you can follow this recipe that adds a small amount of liquid honey for a hint of honey flavour. Can you imagine the smell and taste if you use manuka honey here?

Let your imagination flow with this recipe from Home Grown Happiness.

Make banana bread

If you’re a fan of banana bread, or you’re looking to use up some overripe bananas, adding honey can be a game changer. We’ve come up with our own recipe, using almond flour and coconut flour, which makes this recipe paleo.

It’s great for sharing over morning coffee, or simply devouring after dinner.

Check out how to make it right here on our blog.

Honey pizza dough

Why put honey in your pizza dough? Well, why not?

Pop a spoonful of manuka honey in with your water and oil, and notice the difference in the flavour of the bread. With light subtle undertones of manuka, the goodness of our honey can be in the same bite as melting mozzarella, crispy salami, and fresh basil. Mmm.

Here’s a recipe for the honey pizza dough, on Ricardo Cuisine.

9 Dishes of Vegetables or Sides

Potentially the most underrated part of any dinner party, is the side dishes. What goes with a good ham? A good selection of colourful side dishes and vegetables to add to your plate.

Here’s a few dishes to adorn your table with, regardless of the occasion.

Honey garlic cauliflower 

These extra sticky, crunchy, irresistible bites are based on a vegetable, so you can feel good about your salty cravings and get more goodness than chomping down a bag of chips.

With panko bread crumbs, honey, soy sauce, garlic, and sriracha, what are you waiting for!

Obviously, we recommend using manuka honey for even more goodness.

Go on, make honey garlic cauliflower with this recipe from Delish.

Italian honey balls

Also known as ‘struffoli’, these are a special treat over an Italian Christmas.

They’re basically balls of dough, deep fried, and dipped in a lemon honey syrup. Oh, and don’t forget the sprinkles. As each ball is the size of a hazelnut, it soaks up the syrup leaving an incredible honey taste. Manuka honey, of course.

Look at the recipe on Marisa’s Italian Kitchen.

Seasoned honey roasted vegetables

Honey roasting vegetables easily makes them the most exciting vegetables on the plate.

Whether you’re entertaining the family at Christmas, or just want something a little special for dinner, this earthy and sweet glaze will be a show-stopper.

This recipe is for parsnips, but can be adapted for carrots and even potatoes too. As always, using manuka will enrich the dish even further.

Check out the recipe on BBC goodfood.

Honey roasted chickpeas

With olive oil, sea salt, honey and cinnamon, these dried, tasty chickpeas are so moreish that you’re in danger of finishing the tray before they cool.

These are great for a tasty, healthy snack, or as a side dish accompanying a main.

Some recipes also add ground ginger for extra spice.

Check out this recipe on Inspired Taste.

Drizzle your honey nut squash with warming manuka honey

Honey nut squash, as a vegetable, is a sweet treat in itself. It’s like a mini butternut squash. Baking it with butter, salt, pepper, and cinnamon will season it beautifully.

Pairing it with a manuka honey drizzle (instead of maple syrup) will top it off nicely.

See the recipe on Eating Well.

Make a manuka honey and pumpkin soup

This one is perfect for autumn, really.

There’s nothing that matches the leaves turning brown and crunchy outside, and the warm evening nights inside with books and candles, quite like a warming soup. We have our very own recipe for a manuka honey and pumpkin soup, and we want to share it with you!

Go to the recipe right here on our blog.

Honey balsamic brussel sprouts

This sweet and tangy dressing only has two ingredients: manuka honey and balsamic vinegar. These leave a beautiful, caramelized flavour on the veggies, as they soak the dressing up quickly.

See how it’s done on Crunchy, Creamy Sweet.

Honey baked aubergine (Spanish)

Popular in the Andalucian area of Southern Spain, “berenjenas con miel” translates to “fried eggplant with honey”.

By removing as much water content as you can before marinating them in milk overnight, you’re encouraging the vegetable to drink the milk before being seasoned with spices, flour, and honey.

Although the Spaniards probably don’t use manuka, we think it’d be a great use of our honey.

Go to the recipe at Food and Wine.

Make an Ottolenghi-style salad

The famous and bestselling chef Yotam Ottolenghi discovered manuka honey on a trip to New Zealand, and we’re nothing short of proud of that!

He’s been using manuka honey in his recipes, and one of the most interesting salads contains lentils, radicchio and walnuts, as well as our beloved honey.

If you’d like to cook up a storm (salad) and eat like a King (Ottolenghi), read the article and follow his recipe!

Go to this recipe on The Guardian.

16 Tasty Meat Dishes with Manuka Honey

For the meat lovers, here’s a selection of recipes using manuka honey.

Scroll through our favourites for chicken, fish, beef, pork, lamb, and more.

5 Star Chicken Dishes

Make a honey soy or teriyaki chicken marinade

Honey soy chicken is a popular flavour appearing in all sorts of products now.

But nothing beats the original teriyaki chicken itself. And what better way to make it than with manuka honey?

We’ve got a great video for you that explains how to make it Japanese, the Kiwi way. The tasty marinade of mirin, soy sauce, sugar, and manuka honey is applied to the chicken after it’s cooked.

Watch how the Bento Buster does it in this video.

Honey butter fried chicken (with waffles)

This recipe comes from a science-based cooking blog, where the authors are experimenters as much as they are chefs.

With the primary ingredients being chicken, flour, and oil, it sounds easy. But Sohla maintains that “carefully sourcing each ingredient is an essential step to getting the best fried chicken.”

Then, of course, there's honey caramel to make, spices to blend, and waffles to top with the finished result of your delicious honey butter fried chicken.

Go to the recipe from Serious Eats.

Honey Chinese chicken

Tempura battered, deep-fried chicken breasts are at the heart of Chinese honey chicken.

Chicken breasts are used before they’re lighter to fry than thighs. Deep-frying is the method of cooking, because using an oven risks the wet batter running into one big pancake.

It’s best to follow the expert advice.

Read more about the recipe on Dinner then Dessert.

Honey chipotle chicken poppers

Isn’t it amazing that you can make so many different dishes with the same base ingredients?

This one also has chicken breasts, flour, oil, and seasoning - but with egg too. No marinating in advance is necessary, so this one can be a quick treat or dinner option.

Get the recipe on Tasty.

Honey lime chicken enchiladas

Simple yet delicious. It’s like normal chicken enchiladas, but with a sweet, citrus twist.

This doesn't need a lot of preparation time, just the right quality ingredients. Swap out normal honey for manuka honey and voila! You’ll have a more earthy(?) taste.

Think of tortillas, chicken, cheese, enchilada sauce and heavy cream… Mmm.

Check out the recipe on Six Sisters’ Stuff.

4 Seafood Recipes with Manuka Honey

Make a marinade for manuka glazed salmon

Here in New Zealand, manuka glazed salmon is a favourite.

If you can’t buy it already glazed like Regal’s Marlborough Oven Ready Manuka Honey and Soy King Salmon, don’t worry! It’s easy to make the glaze yourself at home.

You just need manuka honey, olive oil, soy sauce, fresh ginger, and black pepper.

Sound familiar?

Check out the recipe for a manuka honey glaze on Food.com.

Manuka honey garlic shrimp

This quick and healthy dinner should only take 20 minutes to make.

Using manuka honey as the honey in the marinade will load it with more than just flavour. This will help you get your daily MGO fix, in the form of delicious, succulent shrimp.

Don’t forget to savour the crispy bits of honey-garlic left in the pan afterwards!

Go to the recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Honey miso salmon

If the sounds of crispy-skin salmon with miso-honey sauce has got you licking your lips, you’ll probably love this one. And there’s some hot tips for cooking salmon too.

“The key is starting the fillets skin side down in a not-preheated cast iron skillet, cranking the heat, and letting the skin slowly render and crisp... This ensures that the flesh cooks gently (and mostly on one side), so that all it needs is a quick flip and another minute or so to get you to a perfect medium-rare.”

The honey miso sauce is made beforehand and spread elegantly on the plate, waiting for that crispy salmon to complete the dish.

For the full recipe, see Bon Appetit.

Honey lime shrimp 

Garlic, shallots, chilli powder, paprika, shrimp.

Salt and pepper, stock, manuka honey, lime.

Butter and cilantro.

That’s all it takes to make this amazing dish. It’s super saucy, garlicky, and sweet and tangy. You can make it in just 20 minutes!

If your mouth’s watering…

Check out the recipe from Damn Delicious.

Manuka glazed salmon

Here in New Zealand, manuka glazed salmon is a favourite.

If you can’t buy it already glazed like Regal’s Marlborough Oven Ready Manuka Honey and Soy King Salmon, don’t worry! It’s easy to make the glaze yourself at home.

You just need manuka honey, olive oil, soy sauce, fresh ginger, and black pepper.

Sound familiar?

Check out the recipe for a manuka honey glaze on Food.com.

3 Pork Recipes with Manuka Honey

Manuka honey and orange glazed ham

This one is from New Zealand’s own Allyson Gofton, the popular face of ‘Food in a Minute’. It’s perfect for Christmas dinner, or any get together with friends. The manuka honey, orange juice and mustard marinade will make your mouth water.

Go to the recipe from Allyson Gofton.

Honey apple pork loin in oven 

Pork and apple is a classic. Pork, apple, and honey? A genius combination.

The first step in this recipe is as follows:

“Heat the oven to 350°. Place the pork in a large roasting pan and season with salt and pepper. Drizzle the honey over the pork, then arrange the rosemary and thyme on top. Scatter butter over the pork, then arrange the onions in the pan around the pork.”

If you’re already starting to imagine this in your kitchen, we’ve got you covered. Make it extra premium by using manuka honey, and see how our raw flecks roast golden.

Read the rest of the recipe on Saveur.

Garlic honey pork chops

“This Honey Garlic Pork Chops Recipe is so easy you won’t believe it when it’s done! No marinating needed, this recipe is an incredibly quick and delicious way to serve bone in or boneless pork chops — seared until golden then simmered and broiled (or grilled) in the most amazing honey garlic sauce!”

Can you imagine those almost burned, crispy bits in the pan? Heavenly.

If you fancy making this this weekend, check out the recipe on Cafe Delites.

Looking for more? We’ve got an extra 4 for you!

Make a marinade for lamb

This recipe for manuka honey grilled lamb salad and crispy noodle is from our friends in Australia. Of course, you can use any lamb for this, but, just like with manuka honey, we recommend sourcing from a premium supplier.

With mint, coriander, sesame seeds and macadamia nuts, this salad really is a refreshing dish full of goodness.

See the recipe from Australian Lamb.

Smoke your meat

Although this isn’t a recipe, it’s certainly a recipe friendly use of manuka honey!

If you like to smoke your own meat at home, we’ve got good news for you.

You can buy manuka wood smoking chips! These will give you that extra flavour you're missing. Try them out on your next joint.

Have a look at sourcing them from Barbeques And More.

Honey garlic meatballs

If you’re a fan of meatballs, this recipe is going to be right up your alley.

With a lot of ingredients that are probably already in your pantry, it’s pretty simple to make, and ready for dinner tonight.

You can serve these on rice, or with pasta - you choose your cuisine!

You can also easily freeze them for later, so you can taste them twice.

Watch this video to learn how to make them, or see the recipe from Ahead of Thyme here.

Honey brined turkey 

“Janet Fletcher, food writer, says,"My grandmother could never seem to make enough of her creamy giblet gravy; everyone always wanted more. We poured it over the mashed potatoes, dressing and turkey, then over open-face sandwiches the next day. Of course, it's great with this turkey, too: The bird gets its incredible moistness from being soaked overnight in a brine enhanced by thyme, garlic cloves and honey."Because of the brining process, we don’t recommend stuffing this turkey.”

For thanksgiving, Christmas, or just a big dinner party, why not make a show stopping and mouth watering turkey (with manuka honey!).

This recipe makes 14 to 16 servings, so share it around, or save it for the next day like Janet’s grandmother.

Get the recipe from Epicurious.

Wow, that’s a lot of ideas. Have you ever used manuka honey with meat in a different way? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a comment at the bottom.

3 Mouth-Watering Salad Dressings with Manuka Honey

These are often the last aspect of putting a salad together - and it’s important not to forget them! Crafting a dressing is like crafting the flavour of a dish. Here’s some of our favourites.

Make a classic salad dressing with a honey twist 

A homemade manuka honey mustard or vinaigrette dressing can compliment a number of dishes. Here’s what we have to say about it:

“Manuka Honey has a very unique, yet sweet herbaceous flavour. This combined with the tangy apple cider vinegar and lemon juice is delicious! It is completely versatile and works well with any flavour combination.”

With olive oil, apple cider vinegar, dijon mustard, lemon juice, our manuka honey, and salt and pepper, you can whip this up in no time.

Check out the recipe right here on our own blog.

Honey lime cilantro dressing 

Have you ever tried cilantro and lime together?

Whether you’re remembering a succulent dish, or cocking your head sideways, you’ll want to take a look at this recipe.

Combining cilantro, garlic, lime juice, honey (we recommend manuka honey), ground coriander, sea salt, and olive oil will give you this amazingly tasty dressing.

Want to know which ratios to use? Love & Lemons has got you covered.

Manuka honey french dressing 

Perfect for salads! Of course, we are biased: use manuka honey for a greater taste and to get more health benefits onto your plate of your leafy greens.

How easy does this sound?

“In a blender or food processor, combine the first eight ingredients; cover and process until blended. While processing, add oil in a steady stream. Process until thickened. Store in the refrigerator.”

To find out what the ingredients are, go to the recipe from Taste of Home.

8 Manuka Honey Sauces

Just like a salad dressing, sauces can determine the flavour of a dish, and effectively make or break it. Choose your sauce wisely!

Honey balsamic vinaigrette 

“With olive oil, balsamic vinegar and just a couple spoonfuls of honey, Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette is a light and refreshing dressing. It’s so good on any salad containing fruit, but I think it would also taste delicious on a simple garden salad, too… I’ve never been a fan of super sweet salad dressings so a lot of honey vinaigrette dressings just don’t do it for me. This Honey Balsamic Dressing, thought? It’s as perfect as it gets.”

There are hundreds of salads that this vinaigrette works well on, even ones you make up yourself at home! Just get some manuka honey in there for a premium taste.

Try out this recipe from Barefeet in the Kitchen.

Honey chilli sauce

This one is for our heat lovers.

“In this homemade sweet chilli sauce with honey, we have made use of 2 varieties of chillies - green chillies and red chillies. We suggest you use both the varieties of chillies, not only for their contrasting colour, but the two varieties lend a different kind of spiciness too, which you are sure to enjoy.”

See the recipe from Tarla Dalal.

Make a honey style BBQ sauce

“Making BBQ sauce at home is a relatively easy and straightforward process. The most important step is to simply allow the sauce to simmer. Giving this sauce a good simmer allows the flavors to combine and it thickens it up into a wonderfully sticky sauce.”

With manuka honey as one of those flavours, you’re bound to enjoy this slightly sweet, sticky BBQ all the more.

Go to the recipe on Hey Grill Hey.

Honey siracha 

For this recipe, sauce fanatics and food bloggers Harry and Jen recommend using:

  • Butter: For rich buttery flavor and to thin out the sauce
  • Sriracha: Use more or less depending on how spicy you’d like the sauce to be
  • Honey: Mellows out the spiciness and you can use as little or as much as you’d like
  • Soy sauce: Just a touch for added flavor
  • Lime juice: Brightens up the sauce

They recommend using this sriracha by brushing it over grilled chicken, basting baked chicken, tossing it with cooked wings, and using it as a dipping sauce for chicken fingers.

Get this amazing recipe from the Sauce Fanatics themselves.

Make honey mustard

“Honey mustard is very versatile and pairs with so many different things. From proteins, to veggies and even as a salad dressing.”

All you need is dijon mustard, honey (we vote manuka!), mayonnaise, lemon juice, and a pinch of cayenne pepper.

See how to make it on The Novice Chef blog.

Honey mustard pretzel dip

Love honey mustard so much that you’re thinking of making it into more of a dip?

You can make it by mixing honey mustard (that you’ve freshly made using the recipe above) with mayonnaise, garlic powder, vegetable oil and sugar.

This will make your honey mustard more dippable, so you can enjoy it with every bite of pretzel.

Get the recipe from Julie’s Eats and Treats.

Honey balsamic glaze

Balsamic vinegar, manuka honey, garlic, rosemary, and garlic salt.

That’s all you need for this finger-licking honey balsamic glaze with a manuka twist!

It goes great on chicken, fish, and even pizza.

See how to make it on All Recipes.

Honey butterscotch sauce

Want to make that vanilla ice cream in your freezer into a fancy dessert?

All you need to do is:

“Bring brown sugar, butter, milk, and honey to a boil in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat, stirring constantly; boil, stirring constantly, 2 minutes. Remove from heat, and cool 30 minutes. Stir in pecans. Serve over hot apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream.”

Really, you can drizzle it on anything. And manuka honey will ensure you get some nutritional goodness in there too.

Try making it with the recipe from My Recipes.

Cheese and Manuka Honey? Yes, please! Here’s 4 Ideas.

If you love cheese, fancy cheese, and fruity cheese, you’re probably going to love this cheese section. At this point, adding manuka honey and cheese seems like a no-brainer.

Check out these easy DIY recipes to add to your next wine-and-cheese board.

Honey almond cream cheese appetizer spread

Fresh pear, delicate toasted almonds and philadelphia cream cheese mixed with (manuka) honey and ground cinnamon. Served on round buttery crackers. Salivating yet?

Get the recipe from My Food and Family

Baked brie with honey

This one is pretty simple. You want to achieve that warm, soft gooeyness by baking your brie in the oven, and then drizzling honey on top.

Check out this recipe for baked brie with honey, rosemary and walnuts.

Goat cheese and honey

Make a goat cheese log with cranberries, nuts, herbs and honey.

“This goats cheese log is created using soft goat’s cheese that is rolled in a mixture of nuts, dried fruit and fresh herbs. It makes a great addition to your standard cheeseboard, especially at Christmas time with all its festive flavours and colours.”

If you can imagine pistachio, walnuts, thyme, rosemary and cranberries cuddling the outside of your cheese, do yourself a favour.

Get the recipe from Nadia Lim and go straight to the kitchen!

Honey cheese balls 

This manuka-based cheese recipe is so good, it’s made it into one of our national newspapers!

Different from the ones above, the cheese balls are rolled in beaten eggs, cornflour, and panko breadcrumbs.

This means they’re effectively battered, and look absolutely devourable.

Check out the recipe in NZ Herald.

6 Delicious Desserts with Manuka Honey

If the thought of a good cheese board has whet your appetites for desserts, keep reading.

Here’s a collection of some restaurant worthy dishes that you can make at home to impress your friends and family, or simply enjoy yourself.

Make a cheesecake 

Did you know you can make an entire cheesecake with just three ingredients?

That’s right - ricotta cheese, manuka honey, and eggs.

It’ll have four ingredients if you want to top it with raspberries and make it look as amazing as Sonali does on her food blog.

Drool over the photos and read the recipe on Sugar et al.

Make a chocolate mousse superfood desert

If you’re interested in manuka honey because it’s a superfood, we’ve got good news for you. We’ve paired it together with three other superfoods to form a delicious and guilt-free dessert.

Blueberries, dark chocolate, avocado, and manuka honey.

Do you think you’ll notice it’s healthy?

Get the recipe right here on our blog.

Make a manuka honey Créme Brûlée

Does this one sound a bit too fancy and professional to make at home? Don’t be intimidated, it’s not as hard to make as you might think.

“A Brûlée is very much a baked custard with a caramelised sugar topping. You know you’ve done well when you get to crack your spoon through the top layer, there is something so satisfying about the sound of it. You don’t need anything fancy to perfect these delicious desserts.”

With egg yolks, vanilla extract, manuka honey, orange zest, cream and caster sugar, you’re well on your way to becoming a brûlée connoisseur.

Read this recipe on our blog and let yourself be surprised!

Brown butter Salty Manuka Honey, Pecan and Apple Crumble

A great warming dish for autumn or winter, this apple crumble will fill both your tummy and your heart. It’s pretty easy to make - taking only 15 minutes to prep.

It’s full of wholesome goodness like cinnamon, lemon juice, and of course our favourite - manuka honey.

Go to the recipe from The Inspired Home.

Make berry compote

“What is compote, exactly? Compote is a simple fruit sauce made with pieces of fresh (or frozen) fruit and some sugar, cooked briefly on the stove. You could call the end result a textured fruit sauce or chunky fruit syrup. I call it magic.

Instead of sugar, I use a small amount of maple syrup or honey to make naturally sweetened compote. Since it’s liquid, you can easily add more to taste after cooking if your compote isn’t quite sweet enough.”

The best thing about compote is that it’s so versatile! You can make it ahead of time and warm it up when you’re ready to use it, or just spontaneously put it together for dessert in a quick 15 minutes.

See the recipe on Cookie and Kate.

Manuka honey macarons

Making pretty macarons is a challenge for the average home chef, but if you care more about the flavour than the look, give it a go!

Check out two very different flavours, both using honey:

2 Cake recipes with Manuka Honey

For those of you that prefer a good slice of cake, we’re with you. There’s nothing more satisfying to keep your coffee company!

Make a chamomile and manuka honey cake

This is our very own recipe. The chamomile flowers bring a lot of flavour to the sponge, but the part we find most irresistible is the honey-cream-cheese icing.

We recommend using New Zealand Honey Co. UMF 15+ Manuka Honey for this, so you can get your healthy boost as well as enjoying a delicious slice (or two!) of cake.

See the recipe right here on our blog.

Russain honey cake

With several layers of sponge that all need to be cooked before the cake can be assembled, this towering delight is no small feat. Using manuka honey won’t make it any easier, but it will give a New Zealand taste to this northern hemisphere masterpiece.

If you want to have a go at this one, make sure you have dedicated a whole day. And after it’s finished, you simply must show it off to as many people as possible.

There’s also a similar Czech variation called Medovník which adds walnuts into the mix.

Here’s the recipe for Russian Honey Cake from the New York Times.

14 Other Awesome Baking Recipes with Manuka Honey

Make ANZAC biscuits 

“Brown Butter Anzac Biscuits - these traditional Anzac biscuits are chewy and oaty, and are made with brown butter and honey for a perfect depth of flavour. This is a quick Anzac biscuit recipe, and is perfectly soft and chewy.”

The author of this recipe includes a lengthy step by step demonstration of how to make these anzac biscuits the best they can be. From browning butter, to types of salt and cooking times, if you’re into the reasoning behind cooking, this one’s for you.

Go to the recipe on Cloudy Kitchen.

Make brownies with sweet potato

New Zealand’s sweet potato is called kumara, and it’s gorgeous.

Its sweetness makes it perfect for baking with, and it’s often combined with chocolate in recipes. However, sweet potatoes wherever you are will do the trick.

Have a look at our very own recipe for chocolate brownies with manuka honey.

Make a banana loaf

Imagine the warm smell of a banana loaf coming out of the oven.

What could possibly make it better? How about the added flavour of warm honey and walnuts as you take that first bite.

With mostly pantry items, you can whip this one up whenever you see a banana in your fruit bowl and imagine a cake.

See the recipe on NZ Herald.

Honey buns 

“There is very little white sugar in these not-just-for-breakfast buns -- but you won't miss it. Honey imparts its smooth, mellow sweetness to every component: the rich, buttery dough, the tangy creme fraiche filling, and the appealingly sticky topping.”

Another Martha Stweart delight, this recipe will have you frothing over mascarpone and creme fraiche taking your honey buns to the next level.

Get the recipe from Martha Stewart here.

Salted honey pie

Food blogger Lindsay, from Life, Love and Sugar, says:

“This Salted Honey Pie is not only my new favorite pie – it’s my favorite pie EVER! A BIG statement! The custard-based filling gets its amazing caramel flavor from brown sugar and honey. It’s absolutely delicious and so easy to make, it may become your new favorite too!”

Grab yourself a refrigerated pie crust and get ready to mix ingredients, because a heavenly dessert has just put itself on the menu.

Read the recipe and Lindsay’s story on Life, Love, and Sugar.

Honey glazed Dunkin' Donuts

How good a doughnut is largely depends on the batter itself, and how well it is fried. But the first thing we see and taste is the glaze!

This recipe uses butter, confectioners sugar, vanilla, honey and hot water.

So no matter how your homemade doughnut turns out, it’s almost guaranteed to taste proper.

See this dunkin’ doughnuts style recipe on Key Ingredients for instructions.

Salted caramel bliss balls

This is a healthy, raw and simple on-the-go snack with delicious manuka honey. It’s perfect for work, children's lunchboxes, birthday parties, or an after-dinner sweet treat.

What makes it so special?

“2 teaspoons (10g) maca powder [which] gives the bliss balls added honeycomb and caramel flavour. Maca powder is known for balancing hormones and boosting energy and endurance. It can be found at your local health food store or online.”

Read the recipe right here on our blog.

Italian fried cookies with honey glaze

“I like to think of struffoli, which are about the size of marbles or hazelnuts, as tiny Christmas fritters. When placed into a saucepan filled with hot oil, the citrusy dough puffs up into rustic golden balls that have crunchy exteriors but warm, soft interiors. Once fried, the small, bite-sized cookies are drenched in a sweet honey glaze and decorated with colorful sprinkles or nonpareils.”

Citrus donuts? They’ve got to be worth trying.

How about coating these deep-fried wonders in raw honey with active MGO to make them a little less guilty…

Get the recipe from Food 52.

Honey sponge roll

Honey and butter is the filling in this sponge roll - manuka honey, that is.

With mixed spice and cinnamon, this roll really hits the spot for a weekend afternoon craving, or a comforting dessert.

See the recipe on Kitchen Nine.

Salted honey cold foam

In Spring 2020, Starbucks released the Cold Brew with Salted Honey Cold Foam, which has a toasted honey topping.

Needless to say, people have been trying to make this new and exciting drink at home.

Heather Bien has given us all a recipe for a salted honey latte: the perfect Starbucks dupe.

Honey cookies (German)

The best thing about traditional recipes? They’ve been tried and tested to perfection.

“I got this recipe from my grandmother who got it from her grandmother. She had to translate it and then figure out measurements. The original recipe called for "enough flour to make a dough". Thankfully grandma knew what kind of dough.”

Learn how to make Old German Honey Cookies here on All Recipes.

Honey butter croissants

The honey aspect of these croissants is the easy part.

The challenge of making croissants comes from the process of laminating.

“The key to a good croissant is to have fluffy, airy layers within the bread, and those layers are created by threading chilled butter within the dough through a process called laminating. Laminating is basically just a fancy term for rolling and folding dough in such a way so that the butter is sandwiched inside the dough and yet is not absorbed in the raw dough.”

After you’ve been through the meticulous process of this, dunk your croissants in the (manuka) honey butter sauce you’ve made to go with them.

See the recipe from Homemade Hooplah.

Manuka honey ginger crunch

Betty Crocker has a recipe for honey ginger crunch - and we’d love you to add manuka honey to your mix!

Using cereals, almonds, brown sugar, spices, and flaked coconut, this one sounds delicious.

If you’re into similar breakfasts, or even want to make it as a snack, check out the recipe from Betty Crocker.

Honey vinegar pie 

If you’ve just raised your eyebrows, you’re probably not the only one.

But honey vinegar pie is actually a thing, and there are many recipes for it. We’ve chosen to share one with you that’s straightforward to read and make, using an unbaked pie shell base. Of course, you can make your own too.

Seeing as there’s ¾ cup of honey in this, swapping honey for manuka honey is going to give you a great manuka flavour that you can savour on your fork.

See the recipe on Midwest Living.

6 Moreish Spreads and Icing

Want some icing on your cake? Or a spread for your bread? Keep reading...

Manuka honey butter

With butter, manuka honey, and a pinch of a third secret ingredient, you can make honey butter!

“This whipped honey butter with cinnamon is rich and decadent with all the health benefits of Manuka honey! This honey butter has subtle notes of floral and citrus with a light nutty taste and smooth sweetness, great spread for baked goods including bread, biscuits, croissants and scones.”

Get the recipe from Aubrey’s Kitchen.

Make hummus

We’re excited that BBC Good Food recommends using our New Zealand Honey Co. manuka honey in this hummus recipe!

With chickpeas, garlic, tahini, cumin and lemons, served with wedges, we think this will make a lip-smacking batch of hummus.

Try it with wedges today with the recipe from BBC Good Food.

Spread it on toast

That’s right - this is maybe one of the easiest ways to consume manuka honey, right after eating it from the spoon.

Whether it’s breakfast toast, snack toast, or after-dinner toast, manuka honey will help it slide down your throat with a whole lot of goodness and flavour.

There’s no recipe for this one. Simply grab your favourite type of bread and go!

Honey buttercream icing or frosting  

“I’ve tackled honey buttercream frosting before and I have always been disappointed. I’m a honey-holic and I really want the honey flavor to shine. In the past, when I added powdered sugar to the frosting (needed to make the frosting stiff and pipe-able), the frosting would always reach an unpalatable level of sweetness. Today, I discovered the secret to making honey buttercream frosting! Honey buttercream frosting has finally met my honeyed desires and I’m considering adding it to my list of favorite frostings.”

With a recipe as tried and tested as this, why not give it a go?

It only takes ten minutes, and you need butter, powdered sugar, honey, and sour cream.

See how to do it on the Cupcake Project.

Cinammon honey butter

Bring homemade cinnamon honey butter to life with just a few pantry staple ingredients. It comes together quickly and easily that it can be mixed together in a short amount of time. You can’t go wrong with this delicious and edible sweet and savory honey butter!

Get the recipe on The Recipe Critic.

Honey peanut butter

To make this at home, all you need is three ingredients, a food processor, and five minutes.

The recipe is full of tips, like:

“Make it creamy: If you like your peanut butter creamy, make sure to keep blending until you reach the consistency you want. Also, remove the skin on the peanuts to make it as creamy as possible.”

Keep reading the recipe on The Sweet Pea Chef.

5 Popular Party Recipes with Manuka Honey

Make popsicles

“There’s nothing like a freezing cold popsicle to refresh you on a warm summer’s day, or even for a reminder of those hot summer days gone.”

We have a fantastic recipe we would love to share, slightly sweetened with delicious Manuka Honey, and packed full of amazing benefits.

Here’s our own recipe for manuka honey, mint and lime popsicles.

Make your own chocolate bar

“We have been experimenting in our kitchen, creating healthy and delicious recipes using our amazing Manuka Honey! For baking and cooking, we use a UMF™ Honey such as a 5+ as recipes usually require between 1 tablespoon and a ¼ of a cup of honey.

This chocolate is so simple to make but tastes like it took hours and looks beautiful. With no dairy, no gluten, and no refined sugar, it is perfect to bring to friends for dessert or an after-dinner snack as everyone can eat it!”

See the recipe for manuka honey dark chocolate right here on our blog.

Make ice cream sandwiches

If you feel like a classic kiddy treat - an easy one that you can make from home, try these ice cream sandwiches with a manuka honey twist.

With coconut milk, manuka honey, cornflour and vanilla extract, you’ll feel healthier about these than the ones from the supermarket cold section.

Grab the recipe from Domestic Gothess.

Honey lollipops

This one can be a sweet treat or an effective throat soother - as you wish!

With cinnamon as an optional extra ingredient, you can easily make these lollipops with simply manuka honey, a baking sheet, and some lollipop sticks.

Tried and tested on kids with flu, it’s an easy to make remedy that you can keep for later.

See how to assemble them on Fountain Avenue Kitchen.

Honey ice cream 

Similar to the manuka honey ice cream sandwich, this one is a great alternative to regular ice cream.

Dairy free, and probably with less calories, this one can be whipped up and kept in the freezer. Equally enjoyable on those long summer nights, or cozy winter evenings curled up by the fire.

Have a look at the recipe on Food and Wine

After an awesome selection of dinner, desserts, and cakes, we might be thirsty...

10 Non-Alcoholic Ways to Drink Manuka Honey

There’s plenty of ways to add manuka honey to your drinks, and we’ll start with some tasty non-alcoholic beverages.

Boost your immunity with a drink

Taken in the morning, or in an elegant wine glass later on, this healthy elixir can boost your immunity with its superfood ingredients.

With oranges, lemon, ginger, manuka honey, turmeric, and apple cider vinegar, it’s also yummy.

This recipe is right here on our blog.

Stir it into tea

Honey, lemon and ginger are popular remedies for sore throats and a healthy cuppa.

There’s no recipe for this - simply stir one teaspoon of manuka honey into your favourite tea for a natural sweetener and a honey taste.

Use it as a natural sweetener packed with vitamins 

It’s not only a good alternative to sugar though, it’s also packed with vitamins, and antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

If you’re taking vitamin supplements, you might want to consider manuka honey too.

Drizzle it into your latte

You don’t have to go to the coffee shop to get a mouth watering drizzle on your coffee - you can do it at home too!

Manuka honey will be healthier than caramel syrup, and the flavour is irresistible.

Honey lavender latte 

If lavender is a twist you like the sound of, add it into your coffee too.

You can buy dried lavender flowers or powder for this taste.

Honey iced tea

Another great sugar alternative, manuka honey is so much more! The combination with steeped tea can be the perfect balance of bitter and sweet.

Manuka honey vinegar elixir 

Think of the old honey and lemon drink - with a drastic makeover.

This elixir brings together the goodness of apple cider vinegar, ginger, lemon, manuka honey and propolis extract. Author of this recipe, Colleen, says it's an easy way to book your health potential.

Go to the recipe from Grow Forage Cook Ferment.

Apple cider vinegar and honey

“Many consider apple cider vinegar and honey to be a tasty combination, as the sweetness of honey helps mellow vinegar’s puckery taste.”

You can read about the potential benefits here.

Honey lemonade

With just water, lemon juice, and honey (manuka is best!) you can make delicious homemade lemonade. If you don’t have a juicer, you can squeeze the lemons by hand!

Green tea and honey

This is another great combination that is so easy to make and enjoy.

If it sounds like your cup of tea, you know what to do.

7 Tasty Alcoholic Drinks with Manuka Honey

If you’re looking for something stronger, never fear! Manuka honey has your back here too. It can add a delicious twist to your evening tipple.

Enjoy a cocktail

“This is a modern twist on the traditional Moscow Mule using Manuka Honey and is so simple to make. We still recommend serving it in a copper mug with ice as the copper metal is effective at insulating the cold temperature of any liquid and deflects the heat from the sun. This recipe has been highly requested by many of our customers. We hope you enjoy and would love your feedback!”

Yep, that’s us speaking.

Check out our very own recipe for a Manuka Honey Moscow Mule.

Enjoy mead from professionals

You can buy active organic manuka honey mead, made with great passion by beekeepers in the Coromandel on the beautiful East Coast of New Zealand’s north island.

See the stock at Glengarry’s.

Brew your own mead

The Homebrewing experts say that the hardest part about making mead is leaving it to mature for 6 to 12 months! With manuka honey being so irresistible, we can agree with that.

But you do need the right equipment to make this one, and it’s quite an art.

Learn how to master this craft on Homebrewing.

Enjoy honey liqueur

“Mead is where it all began. “Mead” is man-kinds oldest known alcoholic beverage and is also traditionally known as the honeymoon drink to celebrate the ages. It was the Mead maker’s job to supply enough mead to the newly weds for one cycle of the moon, hence where the word “Honeymoon” originated from.

Our original is the sweetest mead in our portfolio and the early nose displays delicate floral nectar and citrus, in the mouth a smooth rounded body. Subtle manuka leads the palate to a clean balanced finish to soften the sweet honey aftertaste.”

If you need a gift for some newlyweds, or simply want to enjoy some yourself, check out Mead Amour right here in Gisborne, New Zealand.

Lemon and manuka honey fizz

For special gatherings with friends, this one is perfect. It’s a mix of lemons, manuka honey, ice, sparkling water, fresh mint - and as much gin or vodka as you’d like to taste.

Adaptable in every way, here’s a great recipe from New World.

Manuka maple sour cocktail 

“This recipe was created by 42 Below Vodka to show off their honey-flavored vodka. The New Zealand distiller was among the first to debut the flavor and it remains one of the best brands for it. The balance they found between the alcohol and the sweet manuka honey is definitely hard to beat. Above all your other options, try this cocktail with this vodka.”

Find the recipe on The Spruce Eats

Honey whiskey 

Enjoy whiskey imbued in barrels that previously held manuka honey mead.

“Waitui Whiskey, a unique New Zealand Single Malt Whiskey crafted with care in beautiful Golden Bay, New Zealand. Eight long years of mellowing and maturing in Manuka honey mead barrels have resulted in an exquisite drop - a smooth and easy drinking dram now finally ready for you to enjoy.

This small batch single malt is one of only a few true honey malt whiskeys produced in the world today. Made using New Zealand malted barley and aged in Manuka Honey Mead oak barrels for no less than eight years the result speaks for itself in a very gentle, easy to drink whiskey.”

Check out Waitui Whiskey.


Even More Uses for Manuka Honey

2 Religious Uses of Honey

It might not surprise you that honey has played a historical part in religion. It continues to do so today! Here are a few ways that manuka honey might fit into your religion.

Follow the Qu’ran

“The Prophet, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, said: “Honey is a remedy for every illness and the Quran is a remedy for all illness of the mind, therefore I recommend to you both remedies, the Quran and honey.””

Honey is a big part of the Quran, and since our manuka honey is certified Halal, it is compatible with islamic law.

You can read more about honey and Islamic religion here.

Follow scripture 

Previous religious scriptures have also mentioned honey. Prophet Solomonas is reported to have said:

“My son, eat thou honey, because it is good; and the honeycomb, which is sweet to thy taste. So shall the knowledge of wisdom be unto thy soul: when thou hast found it, then there shall be a reward, and thy expectation shall not be cut off.” (Old Testament, Proverbs 24:13-14)

Prophet Jesusas is reported to have eaten fish with honey comb along with his disciples when he appeared before them after surviving the crucifixion:

“While they were still in disbelief because of their joy and amazement, He asked them, ‘Do you have anything here to eat?’ So they gave Him a piece of broiled fish and some honey comb, and He took it and ate it in front of them. (Luke 24:42)

Read more about this on Al Hakam.

5 Uses for Manuka Honey Around the Home

So far, we’ve looked at ways to put manuka honey in and on your body.

But that’s not the only way to use this magical, golden liquid. You can incorporate it into your wellbeing routines, and into the things that make your home, well, home!

Let’s look at how.

Store it as a collectors’ item

High UMF™ are sometimes purchased as rare collectors’ items, and kept for a rainy day.

If you have a glass trophy cabinet, you too, might be interested in storing and displaying our highest UMF™ grading.

Make soap

With a mixture of oils, beeswax, and manuka honey, you can make some pretty aromatic soap. But you’ll want to make sure you follow an expert’s advice when making your own.

“Honey soaps, especially soaps containing Manuka honey and Manuka essential oil, are particularly effective cleansers in that they contain anti-microbial properties yet remain mild and gentle on the skin. However, honey soaps can be tricky to make, because the additional sugar increases the temperature of the saponification process, which can cause the soap to overheat and burn. The higher temperature is difficult to work with, but if you follow a few tricks it is possible to create a beautiful creamy bar of soap with all the benefits that honey will add to it.”

See some hot tips for how to make your own soap with In My Soap Pot.

Feed the birds

If you want to give back to nature, why not start in your backyard with feeding the birds?

With manuka honey, you can make a delicious bird seed treat for wild birds.

Simply combine a teaspoon of manuka honey with melted lard and peanut butter, and then mix in a combination of flour, cornmeal, birdseed, fruit and nut chunks, cuttlebone, and breakfast cheerios.

It’s similar to a muesli bar that you’d make, but with a few extra ingredients that the birds really love.

Make homemade wax 

If you wouldn’t think of sugar, lemon and honey in the same sentence as ‘leg wax’, then you probably haven’t heard of this before!

But boiled down into a thick caramel, you can make a great homemade batter for your DIY hair removal.

Check out how to do it on Healthline, or Byrdie.

Propogate Succulents

Can you believe manuka honey is good for plants as well?

“Take the dried out leaf or stem cutting and dip the end in honey to create a thin layer and then lay them on top of the soil in a tray or pot. Don’t bury the succulent in the soil.

It’s always better to lay them on top of the soil.

To encourage the growth of the plants, lightly mist them two days once a day, but don’t water it directly yet. Continue to mist the soil with water once you see the soil get dry.”

Although this routine depends on climate and seasons, you should be able to see roots popping out in a few weeks time!

Read more on Gardening Heavn and try it at home today.

There you go!

So far we’ve shared with you 177 ways to use manuka honey.

Disclaimer: The uses we’ve recommended in this article pertaining to wound care and health care should be taken as a guide. Results will vary for each individual, and we recommend consulting a medical professional before using manuka honey to treat something at home.

We’re always finding new ways to use manuka honey, so if you’re thinking of a use that we might have missed, let us know in the comments below!

Before we go, we’ve got one last one for you…

#176: Give Manuka Honey As A Gift!

This is possibly our favourite use, because as Christopher McCandless said:

“Happiness is only real, when shared.”

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, give them the gift of wellness. With antiviral and antimicrobial activity, manuka honey can boost their immune system and help keep them safe.

If you’re not sure which UMF™ factor to go for, have a look at our guide How Much UMF™ Is Enough?

But if you’re feeling excited and inspired, browse our range of manuka honey here.

Want to buy the very best manuka honey but not sure how?
Eat the Rainbow for Natural Wellness. We give you seven tips to follow when buying manuka honey.

Your wellness journey starts with a spoonful a day.

Thank you!

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